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Rules for Shopping

We recently took all 5 of our kids shopping at Target.

Having learned a few things after parenting for more than a decade, I asked the kids to review the rules in the car on the way to the store.

Here’s what they said.

Family Rules for Shopping

  1. Be nice.
  2. Don’t jump on people.  Or climb on them, either.
  3. Use quiet voices.
  4. Don’t steal other people’s food.

Sometimes kids have better ideas than we do.  I wouldn’t have thought to tell them not to jump on people or not to steal other people’s food, but, sure enough, those are some of my expectations.

To think I would’ve just expected that behavior without saying it aloud.

Crisis averted.

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2 responses to “Rules for Shopping”

  1. I have missed you, Beth and I’m happy to stumble across this blog again. Hope you and yours are all well. I’m as fat as ever…

  2. Beth – have you thought about writing a book? I swear, you could make a million dollars. Your blog cracks me up. I’m so glad you keep up with it because it makes me feel like I’m still around to witness your kiddos’ crazy antics. Miss you! -Chelsea

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