Making a Baby

We have a new cousin who’s six weeks old.  He came to visit on Saturday, prompting a few questions from Cai, one of our three-year-olds.

Cai: Mom, is that a baby?

Me: Yes, Cai. That’s a baby.

Cai: Can I have him?

Me: You want to have the baby?

Cai: Yes.

Me: What will you do with him?

Cai: I no know.

Me: Will you feed him?

Cai: No.

Me: Will you change his diapers? ...  read more

Bathing: The Musical

There are things I didn’t know I’d have to do when I became a parent.

Like teaching children how to bathe.

Or, rather, I knew I’d have to teach them.  Just not how specifically I’d have to do it.

I knew I’d teach kids how to wash their hair and how often to wash in general.

I even knew I’d have to tell kids to wash their private parts. ...  read more

My Mom Didn’t Allow Barbies

My mom didn’t allow me to have Barbies while I was growing up.

I bet this is why.

That’s the toy bin beside our bathtub.

I didn’t move any of the toys.

So, yep, that’s pretty much some inappropriate group Barbie action going on.

Here’s a closer view.

Hey – don’t blame me when you’re the one still reading. ...  read more