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My Mom Didn’t Allow Barbies

My mom didn’t allow me to have Barbies while I was growing up.

I bet this is why.

That’s the toy bin beside our bathtub.

I didn’t move any of the toys.

So, yep, that’s pretty much some inappropriate group Barbie action going on.

Here’s a closer view.

Hey – don’t blame me when you’re the one still reading.

I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed by the image of Ken on the left or the fact that Barbie on the right feels the need to explain things to the dog.

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6 responses to “My Mom Didn’t Allow Barbies”

  1. Oh my, I have actually seen little Lego dolls getting it on at our house (preferably underneath beds, don’t know why, maybe they do have some shame left in their little yellow bodies 😉 ) but Barbie&Ken also know how to party apparently! Thanks for the laugh Beth, I’m off changing my pants now… (I don’t have any shame either, hahaha!)

    • I didn’t know Lego dolls could do that! Thanks for the info. I’ll be on the lookout under beds.


  2. Thanks for the laugh! I’ve been waiting for you to post something. I know funny stuff, (or the have-to-laugh-or-you’d-cry stuff) happens at your house every day and you are just too swamped to share it with us.

    • Yeah – I’ve been off-blog far too long. It’s good to be back. Stay tuned for more soon! 🙂

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