Short Stuff

I had a revelation several years ago while looking at vacation photos.

I don’t have to wear shorts again.  Ever.  In my whole life.

I’m short.  I’m not skinny.  I look terrible in shorts.

They creep up my legs all by themselves and become something of a social hazard.  I mean, shorts don’t have a whole lot of room to creep places, you know? ...  read more


Aden is sick.

She has a fever and is achy and her eyes hurt.

I’m sad for her.  I mean it.  I really am.  She’s pitiful, and she keeps saying “thank you, Mom” every time I bring her something.  How sweet is that?

I suspect that the appropriate parental response is to be only sad.

I’m not appropriate.  It’s a sickness, I tell you. ...  read more

Immovable Object

Aden’s one of my quirky kids.

I mean, she’s kick-in-the-pants funny, but it has been a total challenge getting her to listen and obey.

And, by total challenge, I mean that I’m the irresistible force and she’s the immovable object.

I also beat my head against a rock every now and then, which feels equally productive.

Aden’s 9 and just got braces put on her teeth.  (Yeah, I thought 9 was too young, too.  Shows what I know.) ...  read more

Be The Encouraging Stranger, Part Duex

On Sunday, I told you about a stranger who encouraged me.

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for opportunities to encourage others.  It’s made for a fun week!

My favorite moment (so far) came from writing a thank you note to our milkman.

Rick’s been our milkman for over 6 years now.  When I think about all we ordered when our twins transitioned from the mommy cow (that’s me!) to the cow cow, I think… that’s a lot of milk! ...  read more

Oh, Fish Butts

Do fish have butts?

Cai wanted to know.  Cai’s 4.  Four-year-olds care about stuff like that.

I said no.  Fish don’t have butts.  They have tails.

Cai asked where fish pee and poop from.

I said they have butts.

Cai said he thought I said fish don’t have butts.

I said I changed my mind.  I said that’s a woman’s prerogative. ...  read more

This is parenting. Not sense-making.

Abby (12) got in trouble recently.  That’s fairly unusual for her.  She typically leaves that to the other, younger children at our house.  Then, when they’re distracting me with their blatant misbehavior, she does whatever she wants.  I’m terrified the other kids will catch on to her tricks and move their own nefarious deeds under the radar.  I’ve never been very good at detecting Subtle. ...  read more