Contest Finale Draws Near

Get your votes in for the Photo Contest!

Keep the votes coming until 9:00pm PST on Friday, January 21st.  (For those of you fabulous folks in the Netherlands, that’s 6:00am on Saturday, January 22nd… does that mean you have an edge with more time? ;))

If you’re a contender, make sure you’re co-opting your friends and stuffing the ballot box.  It’s fun seeing new commentors on here.  (Quick question: Why is my spell-check correcting commentor?  Should you be commentators?  Really?  I like commentor.  I’m sticking with that.)

I’m surprised by the number of you responding via e-mail to  I thought there’d be more blog commentors than e-mailers.  Shows what I know!

I’ll tell you this… at this point, I’ve got votes all over the map, and it’s anyone’s game.

Good luck!


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One response to “Contest Finale Draws Near”

  1. Ah yes, I see you noticed all of us Dutch folk sneaking a peek at your life and voting for the Dutch pics while at it! Yay! Thanks for doing the math on the time difference by the way, that really does give is more time! yay again!) And I have to say ‘commentor’ sounds perfectly okay to me, so I really would stick to it if I were you (then again me saying this might mean they’ll take away my degree and make me stop teaching English, I dunno… hahaha 😉 )

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