Dog Breath

Totally gross post here.  Consider this fair warning.


I’ve heard of dog breath, but…

Today Cael asked me if all dogs’ penises smell bad.

Me: Why do you think dogs’ penises smell bad, Cael?

Cael: Our dog’s penis smells bad.

I don’t want to know.

I really, really don’t.

I think I’ll just go apologize to our dog, and we’ll move on.

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5 responses to “Dog Breath”

  1. Look on the bright side! The title of this entry could have been “Dog Taste”. Which is problematic any which way you slice it. Get it? Slice it? No? Sorry…


    • I see that it took me a whole three minutes to comment on your blog, wow… that must’ve freaked you out 😉 (no really, I promise I’m not online stalking you, it was an accident, you have to believe me… LOL)

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