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The problem with big kids is that they can read.

Oh, sure.  Tell me that’s a good thing.  Tell me that literacy is important.  Tell me it’s a bedrock of society.

Then take my big kids to Disneyland with signs abounding.



Ice Cream!

Add in my daughter’s spiritual gift of manipulation,

and the fact that I regularly cave under pressure,

and the end result is that this trip is going to cost me a touch more than my little kids’ trip.  Both in terms of money and in terms of my middle.

Thing is, when I cave,

my kids are smart and positively reinforce my negative behavior by snuggling up and willingly taking smiling photos with me.

What’s a mom to do?

I say, ice cream bars all around!

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2 responses to “Reading”

  1. Ok, I am pretty sure that the picture of you and Ian is the best picture I have ever seen of Ian! I think the sacrifice was worth it 🙂

    • You’re so right, Jody! I should do an entire post full of Ian’s usual photos and the reason why he’ll someday believe we loved the other kids more due to the few pics of him I can actually scrapbook. If only I’d known that I could pay him with ice cream.

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