Aden is sick.

She has a fever and is achy and her eyes hurt.

I’m sad for her.  I mean it.  I really am.  She’s pitiful, and she keeps saying “thank you, Mom” every time I bring her something.  How sweet is that?

I suspect that the appropriate parental response is to be only sad.

I’m not appropriate.  It’s a sickness, I tell you.

In addition to my sympathy, I’m delighted that all my plans for the day are shot.

I can’t leave my house, and I have the perfect excuse to cancel everything.

So far today, I’ve

  • medicated, fed and watered my sick kid, wrapped her in a blanket and given her unlimited TV access
  • swept and mopped my floor
  • cleaned the clutter and filth off my kitchen table and counter tops
  • questioned whether “filth” is too strong a word and decided it’s sadly accurate
  • done two loads of dishes
  • sanitized the kitchen sink (what with the filth and all)
  • made myself a ham, manchego and spinach crepe for brunch… crepe… brunch… I’m such a happy woman right now
  • washed off our kitchen chairs and table legs, and saw why I should do this way, way more regularly
  • SAT DOWN for two cups of coffee at my immaculate table
  • cleaned our grill
  • reorganized an entire shelf of our pantry (yeah, the whole pantry would be more impressive, but that’s more than a day-long project)
  • took out two garbage-can loads of trash
  • read two chapters of a novel of questionable reputation
  • and wrote a blog post while it was still daylight

It’s 2:15 in the afternoon.  I’m so excited to see what I can do next!

I mean, poor Aden.

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9 responses to “Sickness”

  1. oh i love your site and have just subscribed….i have 4 teens and 3 of them have special needs and i love your outlook on life and the fact that you blog about ‘reality’, just like me but in different ways. thankyou ♥♥♥

    • Thanks, Chris! Sending all my best wishes your way… teens and special needs has to be an exhilarating and exhausting combo. You’re amazing!


  2. Thanks, ladies. I’ll let Aden know you’re thinking of her – she’ll be thrilled. She’s now exchanged fever for vomiting. Not a worthy trade, in my opinion.


    • Confession: Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series. It’s an apocalyptic vampire/werewolf romance novel.

      I’m laughing out loud just typing that.

      Hang on – gonna type it again just for fun.

      I’m reading an apocalyptic vampire/werewolf romance novel.

      Hehehe. Yep – just as fun to type the second time!

      Currently reading Magic Bleeds, which I thought was Book 4, but may be Book 5… could I have skipped one? Heaven forbid!

      I know, I know – garbage in/garbage out, right? Except that I’ve been reading trashy vampire/werewolf stuff for years and I haven’t turned into a vampire or a werewolf yet, so I keep on keeping on.

      And now you know why I don’t have a “what I’m reading” section of my blog like other bloggers.


      Thanks for the laughs, Sally!


  3. Your poor girl! Hope she is better soon!

    And…yay you! I would’ve just wasted away my hours reading blogs…you are WAY more productive!

    also, I was remembering today how you and I used to walk to the yogurt shop together and get giant fat free yogurts with yummy mix ins. I think I gained a bit of weight that year. 😉

    • Oh, dear. Yes, I do remember the yogurt. And the midnight donuts. And Jack in the Box. Gaining that freshman 15… and sophomore 16… was fun, but why, oh why, am I still working on losing it??


    • Yay! Thanks!

      Hopefully you’ll still be OK with the transparency when you read the novel confession below. 😉


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