Vacation Photo Contest

In 2003, we went to Guatemala to adopt Ian and Aden.

We brought along my mom, my brother, and our oldest daughter Abby.

Abby in Antigua, Guatemala 2003

While we were busy managing the bewilderment of our 1- and 3-year-olds upon their abrupt addition to our family, working on perfecting our multiple-child parenting techniques,

Greg and Ian, Guatemala City Airport, 2003

and helping our 4-year-old adjust to two new siblings,

Abby and Ian, first day being a sister and brother, 2003

my brother was busy appreciating Guatemalan fountain art by taking pictures like this:

My brother Jeff in Antigua, Guatemala. What's a sister to do?

OK, that might be a slight disservice to him.  He might have helped us out kind of a lot.  But that picture still cracks me up.

Now that we’re on a week of vacation with the kiddos, I’d love it if you’d send in your crazy vacation photos.

Contest Rules:

  1. Submit up to two photos per family… pick your best!
  2. Send your photos to
  3. Sending photos means a) you have the rights to them and b) you’ve given me permission to post them on my blog.
  4. Submit your photos from Monday, January 10 through Monday, January 17.  Periodically throughout the week, I’ll select and post the top contest contenders.  (Like how I assume there will be LOTS to choose from?  Prove me right – that’s my favorite thing.)
  5. I’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, January 18.

I plan to use your photos to inspire me this week.  Who knows?  I may even try to recreate them.

This contest is heavily weighted toward the crazy and funny, because that’s where I most closely identify.  But, hey, I’ll take a look at sweet, too.  Who doesn’t like a sweet photo every now and then?

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