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Winter Storm Death Watch


I plagiarized that from my friend Nate. Is it plagiarism if you credit the source?  Either way, it was the best Facebook post of the morning.

Snow on the ground, folks!  There’s snow on the ground!

This is how we react:

  1. We get 1/2″ of snow.
  2. The entire area panics and cancels everything.
  3. The rest of the world scoffs at our patheticness.
  4. We sit back and chuckle into our hot chocolate.

It’s a vicious cycle, and I love it very much.

I can’t say being stuck in bed for our only snow day of the year is my favorite thing.  Nor, guessing from the paternal sighs emanating from downstairs, is Greg very enthusiastic about my absence.

Nevertheless, like the proverbial show, a snow day must go on.  Our day started at 6:30am with exuberant children jumping on the bed.  Four exuberant children to be exact.  (My preteen was practicing her sleeping-in skills.)

Four exuberant children, one hacking mommy high on codeine, and one daddy who wished we’d all go away and let him sleep.  Hmmm… maybe that’s what all the sighing was about.  Or maybe it was the fact that we just missed the garbage truck, so we’re left with our pile of trash for another week.  Did the garbage guys miss the WORLD IS AT A STANDSTILL memo?  Those garbage truck drivers make the rest of us look like the slouches we are.  Frafrufrumfrul, hard-working garbage truck drivers.  Sheesh.

Greg managed to bundle the children and send them out into the Snowpocalypse, and we took the obligatory Children Playing in the Snow Photos.  You know the ones I mean.  You’ve scrapbooked them, too.  Seriously, tell me that you can’t just take these photos, paste your own kids’ faces on them and not even notice that they’re not your original photos?

That’s the “Mom Made Us Pose For This Photo” photo. Of course, you may not have taken it from your second story bedroom window, but still, you know you’ve snapped this photo.

That’s the Boys Smashing Each Other With Snowballs photo.

That’s the I Just Smashed My Sister In The Face With A Snowball And Now She’s Crying photo.

The Action Shot.

The Oh My Gosh, Could My Baby Be Any Sweeter? photo.  (Although that thing running out of his nose makes me rethink that title… someone get that kid a tissue.)

And then there’s this one, which you may not have.  It’s the I Can’t Tell You How Much I Love That My Baby Boy’s Favorite Color Is Still Pink photo.


All things considered, the day is shaping up nicely.  The kids were wet, freezing and crying before the snow started to melt, so we’re right on schedule.

Someone even brought me a snow cone.


Happy Snowmonia Day to Me!

Wishing you all a bright and happy Thursday, wherever you may be.  (Um, it is Thursday, right?)


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6 responses to “Winter Storm Death Watch”

  1. Happy Snowmonia Day Beth! Hope you’ll enjoy snoozing in your bed as much as I’m going to in a minute 🙂 (and by that I mean, get back into bed woman! you’re sick! you need to rest and get your codeine buzz on!)
    Btw: mailman been yet?

    x C

    ps: LOVE LOVE LOVE Abby’s pants! 🙂

    • Thanks, Carina! I sadly gave up my codeine buzz only a few days into pneumonia. However, the steroids are definitely doing their part to keep me high, which is a real bummer since a nap would be appreciated.

      Abby will be thrilled you like her pants… that girl’s a style guru.

      No mailman yet, but I’ll keep checkin’!


      • still no mailman? is he still so taken aback by the 1/2 inch of snow that he had to call in sick? 🙁

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