Things I Forgot Today

I want my own version of the TV show 24.  It can show at every hour all the things I forget to do.  I’m pretty sure I can fill an entire series.

I’ve had too many things to do this week.  Eighteen after-school appointments and activities in the past four days, to be exact.  And that’s after I canceled three things I couldn’t fit. ...  read more

Review: Got Dinner?

My blogging buddy, Susan at The Confident Mom, asked me last week if I’d review her new quick and easy recipe compilation.

Hmmm.  Let’s see.

Someone who solicits my opinion.  Requiring me to be opinionated.  Opinionacious.  Opinionable.

I thought about it for four seconds.  That’s how long it took me to find the reply button on my smart phone.  (Notice that the sellers of smart phones don’t make any promises that the user will be smart.  That’s been a disappointment.) ...  read more


Everyone’s safely home.

I have brought the littlest ones back from the beach.  Greg, Ian, and Abby made their triumphant return from Mexico.

After 10 days apart — days when we missed each other terribly — everyone’s back to irritating the heck out of each other.

My 11-year-old son, Ian, is having a timeout in his room yelling, “My mom is SO BOSSY!  Ahhh!  My mom is SO BOSSY!  Why?  Oh, why?!  WHY is my mom SO BOSSY?” ...  read more

The Beach Rocks

Single parenting, days 8-10.

The final days.

The finale, if you will.

What’s a mom to do to cap off all this excitement?  (“All this excitement” referring specifically to cows.  There hasn’t really been much other excitement, but, around here, cows are usually enough to hold us for a long while.)

Why, I added a 4th kid and took ’em all to the beach, of course. ...  read more

Pre. Tend.

Aden, playing the mommy in a game with Cai and Cael:  You ALWAYS have to be nice to the Mommy!  That’s the rule.

Me:  Really?  That’s the rule?  Wow!  I love that rule!

Aden:  No, Mom.  It’s just a game.  It’s not real.  It’s called Pre. Tend.


Listening Ears

My girlfriend Leanne watches my kids when I work.

The problem with Leanne is that I like her.  When I pick my kids up, I talk to her.  So then I’m late to stuff.

See how that’s Leanne’s fault?

Yesterday, Leanne’s likability meant I buckled Aden, Cai and Cael into my car at 4:23pm.

The vet, where our dog was waiting to be picked up, closed at 5:00pm. ...  read more