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Little Bother

Once a little brother, always a little bother.

Oops!  That was a typo.

Or a Freudian slip.

You decide.

But it made me giggle, so it made the cut, and I’m leaving it in.  In fact, I do believe I have a title for this post.

Oh, little bother Jeffrey.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

Yesterday, I posted about my hair.

A shallow choice.

I drafted, edited and picked photos for more than a week.  So it was even more shallow than you originally suspected.

As soon as I posted, my supportive and loving baby brother started a Facebook campaign to encourage people to vote for a head-shaving.

Just in case you ever monitor the comments section, now you’re in the know about what the heck is happening over there.

So, let me extend a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to those of you who are voting for anything other than head-shaving.  As I say to my children every night, “May the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you.  May the Lord turn his face to you and give you peace.”

For those of you voting for a head-shaving… harrumph.

My brother is not funny, and I’m not laughing my fool head off.  Every 15 minutes.  When I think about how funny he is… n’t.


In fact, this very morning when I thanked my bother for increasing the hilarity by being said punk, he replied, “Of course! It’s my thing.”


Yes, it is.

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6 responses to “Little Bother”

  1. If anyone understands the danger of acronyms, it’s my loving sister. She graduated from pedestrian usage and moved on to inventing a few of her own. (Look back at the title of this post… I had to, really.)

    • I can’t help myself, I’m rofl-ing again… I think the most important question here is: what should I do to prevent my little bother to ever meet the King of Little Bothers (yes Jeff, that’s you? Proud? I thought so!)? Cause really, we might be looking at a European catastrophe of epic proportions right there. The last thing me&my sisters (yes, there’s more where this came from!) need is someone teaching him the ropes. Nope, nothing good can come of that… 😉 Here’s hoping that the both of you stay on your own side of the big water! *keeping my fingers crossed*

    • Technically, I can’t claim to have invented the acronym to which my bother refers.

      See, we got a little tired of LOLing and ROTFLing and ROTFLMAOing. So my friend invented Chuckling Under My Breath… which is really much more accurate most of the time than LOLing, and I don’t think I’ve ever truly ROTFLed… except maybe at 4am when reading Leviticus with friends and trying out the “prohibitions against mold” section in my very best Monty Python accent… then I ROTFLed.

      Here’s hoping this is buried enough in comments for most people to never, ever figure out what acronym my friend started. 😉

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