The Problem with Electronics

Here’s the problem with our electronic world:

Abby to me:  Mom, want me to make you a cupcake?

Me to Abby:  Um, of course!

A few minutes later, I got to see the cupcake.   On the computer screen.

A virtual cupcake.

I feel sad.  So very, very sad.

Don’t you think she should have to make me a real cupcake now to make up for teasing me?

Yes, I think so, too.

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7 responses to “The Problem with Electronics”

    • Amy! Yes! I whole-heartedly agree! First thing, straight away in the morning… an entire cake. Love it.

        • Dang! Hadn’t thought of that! FYI – she DID make me real cupcakes! I should update the post. They were chocolate and delicious. The icing was too runny so it soaked into the cake and she had to refrigerate them… um, hello! Even yummier, in my opinion. If this is what I get for whining, I’ll do it more often.

  1. Yabut… how points in a virtual cupcake? And she *was* thinking of YOU! I think this is better than a batter cupcake. Just say’n.

    • You’re just defending your granddaughter. … and how come the smiley face with the tongue sticking out isn’t working? It’s like the cosmos is telling me not to stick my tongue out at my father. *sticking my tongue out at the cosmos, too*

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