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To Friend or Not To Friend

I have unfriended exactly one person on Facebook.

I just couldn’t take any more rants, soapboxes or tirades, which is all this person seemed able to offer.

So I ranted, got up on my soapbox and had a tirade about it.  And then I unfriended.

Greg, afterward:  Thanks for not unfriending me.

Me:  Why?  Do you say incredibly irritating things?

Greg looked at me pointedly.

Me:  I mean on Facebook.


My husband makes me laugh.

So much for ranting.

Hard to rant when I’m laughing.

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14 responses to “To Friend or Not To Friend”

  1. So, it is good to see that I am not the only one that went onto facebook after reading this to check if we were still friends!

    • Aw, Dave! You’re not a ranter. You’re going to have to work a LOT harder if you want to be a ranter. Just come on over and watch me sometime… that should help. 😉

  2. okay, I’m good… phew, what a relief! would’ve been the worst birthday present ever! speaking of presents btw: you simply cannot imagine the envy of my family&friends after seeing (SEEING IS NOT TOUCHING PEOPLE!!! Keep off the mug, I say ‘KEEP OFF’ 😉 my Dutch Bros mug! Like! Double like! Like-likerdi-like-like! Yay! 🙂

    • I just realized that the above might classify as ranting too… oh dear… I’m going to bed and hope for the best now 🙁

      • Hehehe. Didn’t mean to make ya nervous! I assure you, 385 out of 386 friends are not at all irritating.

        SO glad you like the mug! Peace. Love. Dutch.

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