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The Easter Story

Since Easter’s just around the corner, and my kids are well indoctrinated in All That Is Good and Holy, I thought you might like to know how the story goes.

According to my 4-year-olds:

God died on the cross.

God came back alive.

He came back alive because he didn’t want to miss Easter.

He didn’t want to miss Easter because he really, really likes to color eggs and hide them with the Easter bunny.

Also, God had to find his Easter basket because it had candy, and candy is good.

As always,  I like my kids’ God.  She’s good times.

Hey, I’ve always been pretty thrilled that Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine.  What can I say?  I guess my theology is in line with my 4-year-olds’.


P.S. to people at my church:  Greg and I are scheduled to teach the preschool class this Sunday.  Easter Sunday.  If you need to make changes to the line-up at the last minute, I completely understand.

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12 responses to “The Easter Story”


    Do I remember you?? Silly girl! Of course! I remember your playhouse, too, and lots of good times there together.

    SO great to hear from you!

    (FYI, I want to hang out with your 4-year-old’s Holy Spirit.)

  2. My four-year old went to his first “Palm Saturday” camp at church last weekend, and that night in his pre-sleep telling me about his day he told me that the Holy Spirit is 6 years old and drinks 4 glasses of wine. That explains a lot, actually.

    (By the way, Beth, this is Laura Youngberg. Not sure if you remember me? Our families were friends when we were kids in the 70s. Your dad friended me on facebook to tell me about your blog, which I have been enjoying for a few months now).

  3. ps: I’ve been thinking lately: ‘how does she manage to write a new one every single day?’ And now there’s 2 in one day… INCROYABLE (that’s French for incredible, but you probably already got that, sorry about that then, no I don’t think your stupid, I really don’t… Don’t you just love French? Yes, I tried to change the topic there… 😉 ) You rock momma!

  4. I’d been wondering what the true story was for years, thanks for the clarification! (because sometimes the true stories are just too hard to believe, aren’t they? and God’s smart, he likes eggs&chocolate&candy for sure 😉

  5. AWESOME! I met Ian today on a field trip. The kids were running around destroying the court yard at the museum while we waited for our delinquent bus driver and I noticed Ian. I kept thinking, “he looks familiar. Whose kid is he?” when it dawned on me that he was yours. I asked him about his karate, but he just nodded his head and kept running.

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