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Updated: Weekend Earring Giveaway

May 2, 2011 Update: Winners!

Yep, big surprise.  I couldn’t pick just one winner.  So I kept drawing ’til they’re all gone, and now I have to go back to LB Designs and buy some for myself.  Shoot!

Congratulations to the following winners, selected randomly:

  1. Monica: “#1 is calling to me. Gold AND pink? Check. Check.”
  2. Holly in Japan : “‘Well played, dog. Well played.’ soooo funny! Animals are smarter than we give them credit for, I think. He knows how to keep his bread buttered. ‘I do ship internationally. Because I can do whatever I want. Except teach a kid to behave well enough to keep from being suspended. Control what you can, right?’ oh Beth, you are seriously cracking me up. Story of my life! control what you can. Two more fave quotes!  Oh yes, I nearly forgot the earrings. Love them all – would wear the red ones the most, but I’m always up for a new wardrobe for any pair of earrings. (^_^)v”
  3. Heidi:  “Beth, You are a riot…R-I-O-T! You should know that Kim, your sis-in-law is one of your biggest fans…she got me hooked on you! That, and your baby shower throwing skills kind of sealed the deal for me. Darn pork n beans! ;) By the way…I’m not normally a dangly earring kind of gal, but I’m willing to try something new if I win. I’ll go with pair #2!! :)

Thanks, ladies!  And congrats on your wins!  Please email your address to so I can get these shipped to ya.

(To read more about why I can’t give away my dog, feel free to read the whole post below.)


Welcoming the Month of May this weekend by giving away a pair of these fabulous LB Designs earrings.

I have an almost overwhelming need to give stuff away.

It happens with everything.  Old stuff.  New stuff.  Junky stuff.  Cool, hip stuff like earrings.

My kids’ stuff.  My dog.

My kids.

Just kidding about the kids.

Mostly just kidding about the dog.

As a matter of fact, I was going to give the dog away once.  For reasons he and I have discussed at length.  However, then he pulled one over on me and bonded like Gorilla Glue to my eldest son… my kid with the extra special needs.  Bonded like this:

And like this:

To which I say, “Well played, dog.  Well played.”

Because now, you mess with my dog, you mess with my kid’s happiness.

And we all know, you mess with my kid’s happiness, I punch you in the teeth.

I can mess with my kids’ happiness.  You?  Not so much.

No one who hates my yappy, runaway, toe-licking, wants-up, diaper-eating, bed-peeing dog say anything.  I’m not giving him away.

So you can breathe easy that there will be no scandalous blog dog-giveaway in our future.

You’re welcome.

But I like giving other stuff away. Like snazzy new earrings to celebrate spring.

However, I have a conundrum specific to blog-based giving.

The problem with giveaways is that you’ve told me you don’t read this blog for the stuff.  You read it for the stories.

Like the story I’m gonna have to tell sometime next week about how important it is to try new things.  New things like… oh, say… having a kid who got herself suspended from school.  How do I know I won’t like it unless I try it?  I’ll let you know after I’ve sampled a taste.

The way I see it, you could have giveaways!  Instead, you’re just getting reading material and a sense of relief that this isn’t your life.

Good thing for you I think outside the box.  ‘Cause even though you’re easy, I’m gonna give you the stories AND the stuff.  Oh, yes, I am.  Because I’m a both/and kind of girl.

And, per your request, I’m not going to make you enter by liking me on Facebook.  (Not just because my blog’s not on Facebook.)

And I’m not going to make you, well, do whatever it is you do on Twitter.  Tweet?  Twit?  (And not just because I can’t say anything in 140 characters or less.  I was thinking about it in the bathroom today… “I have toilet paper inferiority complex.  When did my friends stop buying the scratchy, see-through T.P. and move on to the fabric-weight stuff I wouldn’t be ashamed to sleep on?” See?  I just can’t do it.)

And I’m not going to make you sell me like a half-priced, day-old donut to all of your friends.  (Even though I want you to sell me like a half-priced, day-old donut.  I do, I do.)

But, if you want to enter my Super Cool You Should Totally Enter It Weekend Earring Giveaway, I am going to make you comment.  ‘Cause that’s how I’m choosing a winner.  From the comments.

And here’s why.  The more I hear from you, the more I just like the heck out of you.  And the way I figure it, everyone needs the heck liked out of them from time to time.

I’m a little blog.  You’ve got a good shot.  Good luck!



To Enter:

Leave a comment by 3:00pm (Pacific Time) on Monday, May 1st (with thanks to reader Trighap for the extended deadline, which was orginally Sunday). Include in your comment the number 1, 2, or 3 that corresponds with the pair of earrings you like best.  The winner will receive his or her favorite pair. One entry per person, please. (Although you’re welcome to comment and reply as much as you like!)

Winner selected randomly and posted on Monday.

  1. On the left, gold and pink (dangles 2 1/2 inches)
  2. In the middle, silver and light blue (dangles 3 inches)
  3. On the right, red and silver (dangles 2 inches)

Note:  This giveaway is sponsored by me.  LB Designs, creative mastermind, doesn’t know I’m doing this, but I like the heck out of her, and I know you will, too.

And another note:  I do ship internationally.  Because I can do whatever I want.  Except teach a kid to behave well enough to keep from being suspended.  Control what you can, right?  International shipping it is!

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61 responses to “Updated: Weekend Earring Giveaway”

  1. Hi Beth, Not sure if you got my e-mail in response to WINNING THE EARRINGS, but I just wanted to make sure…I’d like “my” new earrings to be given to Kim! 🙂

    • YOU ARE THE NICEST FRIEND EVER! Yep, totally just shouted at you. There’s probably something in the bloggers’ manual about not shouting at readers, but YOU ARE THE NICEST FRIEND EVER! Happy to comply with your generous request.

  2. I’ll go for 3.

    It’s the number of house staff I would require to maintain a semblance of sanity.
    It’s the number of children I currently care for.
    It’s the age of the child who is simultaneously my favorite … and not.
    It’s the age of above said child that I’m excited to leave behind, for 1.5ish years.
    It’s the number of the trinity, which makes it a spiritual number, which means I should win, lest my theology be thrown into a tailspin.
    It’s the hour that I start counting down for the husband to get home, because …
    It’s the hour that the wee ones are released from Mandatory “Quiet/Leave Mama Alone” hours.
    It’s the minimum number of times a day I find myself exclaiming, “Really? Poop? Again?” and “Brush! Your! Teeth!” and “Stop sitting on your sister’s head!” and “No, that round plastic thing that is supposed to be housed “safely” in the back of my nightstand is *NOT* a mini-rubber yamaka: please get it off of your head.”

    • Love.



      That’s 3 loves for this comment.

      I will tell you, when I got to “mini-rubber,” I was on a whole different track. Then I was all, “What’s shaped like a yamaka?… OH!” My story would’ve read, “No, that plastic thing that is supposed to be housed safely in the back of my nightstand is not a microphone.” You’re welcome.

  3. yay for giveaways! YAY FOR GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!

    that being said, i think pair #2 would go best with my dutch (read, pasty) complexion. meanwhile, i am off to peruse LB designs (having first spotted the jewelry while staring at your sister-in-law’s cleavage). maybe said sister-in-law should get a kickback…

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