The Importance of Wow

Puff pastry is a miracle food.

I’ve fantasized for years about making an entire meal, from appetizers to dessert, using puff pastry as the essential ingredient in every course.

Tomato and Goat Cheese Tarts Beef Wellington Arugula & Candied Pecan Salad with Parmesan Cheese Pastry Twists Puff Pastry Napoleons layered with jam and cream

Mmmm.  Puff pastry.  It goes well with everything.

Well, WOW is the puff pastry of words.  And what I love about it is this… it can be Good Wow or it can be Bad Wow, and only the Speaker of the Wow knows which. ...  read more

Not It

It was a gorgeous day for seeing the city from the top of the sky tram.

A perfect day for photos.

And a good time for the realization, come viewing all the pictures later, that there may be a reason this woman’s boys end up with stitches.

What kind of mama lets her boys climb rails?

What kind of mama lets her boy hang upside down from art sculptures? ...  read more


Some people say I’m not a morning person.

I think that’s mean.

For example, my father says I’m not a morning person.

When I was a well-behaved, polite, considerate and thoughtful teenager living under my parents’ roof, my dad used to wake me in the morning.  He might say he drew the short stick, but I say that’s a gross misrepresentation of my joyful morning personality. ...  read more

How To Be A Good Example

My husband kicked a hole in the wall.  He morphed into the incredible hulk, ripped his t-shirt to threads, and just kicked the insulation right out of it.

The gutteral shouts of “Ggrrraaaahhhrgggg!” could be heard for miles.  It was an epic, wall-breaking moment.

FYI, it’s probably best if you don’t believe me.  Partly because I make stuff up.  Partly because Greg, while incredible, isn’t hulkish and never kicks stuff.  And partly because the hole is the size of a kiwi fruit. ...  read more

I’m calloused.

I went running today.

3.7 miles

Now, 3.7 miles is a LOT farther than running to my mail box.  Which I used to couldn’t do.  (Go with me on that grammar thing; it was kinda fun for me.)

But 3.7 is clearly not as far as I need to run for the half-marathon my nutsoid sister-in-law convinced me to do this Fall.

Pneumonia put a serious crimp in the training plan.  The illness I thought would require three weeks for recovery took ten weeks total.  So, oh, pretty much February through April. ...  read more

I’m being stalked by an evil plastic dinosaur.

I’m being stalked.

And not just your run-of-the-mill stalking, either.

I’m being stalked by an evil plastic dinosaur.

Brace yourself, for this is what greeted me during my bath:

There I was.

Nekked as a jaybird and terrified.

The eyes.  The yellow, malicious eyes.

Now, you may be wondering why – oh, why – I had a camera handy in the bathtub with me. ...  read more


I long for each of my kids to break free.  To grasp with firm, confident hands all they’ve been working, stretching, and reaching toward.

But, I confess, sometimes my role in helping the little birds spread their wings makes me tired.

This month, dance plum wore me out.

I’m tired of competitions and conventions.

I’m tired of racing to fit classes and rehearsals into the already packed schedule. ...  read more