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You know that Sesame Street song, One of These Things Is Not Like The Others?

I like that song.

On a completely unrelated note, after I posted this photo last week of my sister-in-law, Kim…

my brother (who’s coincidentally Kim’s husband), sent me this message:


Could you please replace the image of Kim on the recent post with this EXACT, UNALTERED copy?  No reason.  Thanks!


Since I’m always happy to comply with my brother, I thought I’d dedicate an entire post to his request.

I give, and I give, and I give.  You’re welcome, Jeffy.

Juxtapose them against each other.

Jugstapose them against each other.

That’s all.


P.S.  Kim’s wearing leaf jewelry by LB Designs. In case you noticed her jewelry.

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9 responses to “Jugstaposition”

  1. Can’t figure out what everyone is finding so darn funny regarding two EXACT, UNALTERED copies of the SAME picture…


  2. JUGstaposition! Hahahaha! Took me a couple of minutes (and an online translating machine), but I’m ROFL-ing all over the place now 🙂 Seriously, one can only hope you’ll never use these powers of yours to do evil… 😉

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