How to Play Family Baseball: An Instructional Guide

It came down to Girls vs. Boys at the neighborhood baseball game challenge last weekend.  I had a full battery of physically functional kids at the time, so you’ll see my oldest boy sans-cast… ah, the good old days, way back last Saturday…

Oh, yeah, baby!  We girls can bring it.

You don’t even KNOW what yer in fer, boys.  Even if you do have a veritable Baseball Legend like my husband, Greg, on your team. ...  read more

The Importance of Consistency

It’s nice for my kids and my dog that I’m such a consistent rule enforcer.

After all, experts say that consistency and boundaries are essential for helping kids and animals feel secure and safe.

For example, my dog isn’t allowed on our couch.


Not ever.

FYI, he looked guilty as heck.  But he did not budge.

The punk.

The Dodgeball of Life: Ready to Catch

You know, you just never know what life’s gonna throw at you.

It’s like a massive game of dodgeball.

Sometimes you catch a ball, all victorious and triumphant.  Woohoo!  Oh yeah.  Uh huh.

And you sit there thinking, You just keep chucking those balls, Life, ’cause I’m a really, really ridiculously good catcher. Which, for the record, is tantamount to taunting and should be avoided. ...  read more

We mamas and our thoughts about food…

We spent the weekend prepping for unexpected, needle-embedded-in-my-preschooler’s-leg surgery.

Cael prepped by running around, playing baseball, and digging mud pits al fresco with his brother and cousin.

I prepped by thinking about food.

See, due to the rather unplanned nature of this entire event, he got pot luck when it came to a surgery slot for Monday.  Surgery was scheduled for 2:00pm, as opposed to the early morning spots usually reserved for young kiddos. ...  read more

Managing The Mama Bear Instinct (To be filed under “Things I Suck At”)

How in the world did a needle manage to lodge itself in my son’s leg?

Well, here’s the deal.  I HAVE NO IDEA!  And that fact drives me a little bit crazy because it begs the question… how do I make sure it never, ever happens again?  ‘Cause if we mamas can’t prevent every bad thing, we sure want to learn from the experience and at least not repeat the bad things that have already happened. ...  read more

Trusting My Mommy Gut: The Good, The Bad, & The X-Ray

Good news!  My mama instincts are fully functional.

They’re in excellent condition.

They’re operating exactly right.

Also under the subject line of “Good News:”

  1. Meeting our annual medical deductible WAY too early in the year — even though we had no idea how to pay it at the time — means that current and future injuries, illnesses and accidents are covered.
  2. Cael thoroughly enjoyed his leg x-ray today, and he rocked the “still as a statue” instructions, earning staff kudos and two sparkly star stickers.  He really, really likes sparkly star stickers.

There are some tricks to this whole parenting gig, and I’m still smack dab in the middle of figuring out the puzzles.  Among them?  What to do with a kiddo who can walk, run, jump, and climb… who can play in the sand box, falls asleep easily at night, has no fever or atypical fussiness… but who every once in a while limps.  Who occasionally cries out in pain.  And who sometimes favors his right leg. ...  read more

Back to Life. Back to Reality.

Camp’s over, and I’m back to life.  Back to reality.

Sing it with me… Back to life.  Back to reality.

Those are the only words I know to that song, which make them super irritating when they run around and around inside my brain.

Back to life.  Back to reality.  Boom!

I don’t know why I say the boom at the end.  It’s like my mind needs a place holder so I can keep repeating those 2 lines over and over. ...  read more