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Sure Enough

Camp’s over, and I’m so tired, my fingers ache.  I can hardly understand how people who had hard jobs this week are staying upright today.

Kudos to the incredible, hard working, kind, gentle, patient, loving staff — summer staff, year-round staff, and volunteer staff — who give their hearts and souls to make camp happen for 245 middle schoolers.  Selfless.  Beautiful.  Amazing.

I get to go home today, and I’m left with only these brief thoughts, because exhaustion has wrung my brain dry.

Ah, the Oregon coast in the summer time.

Is there any sight more lovely than this?


(Photo Courtesy of Joel Bock Photography)

Sure enough.

Sure enough.

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4 responses to “Sure Enough”

  1. It sounds like you’ve discovered the dirty little secret of middle school teachers: that its a cushy job that we all go into for the pension and vacations. Please try not to give us away in the future, please.

    BTW, I’m jealous regarding your part of the Oregon Coast. Where we were camping, it rained enough that we packed up a day early and headed home.

  2. Funny thing, I’m tired too, and I didn’t even go to camp! Glad you and everyone had a good week there.

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