Back to School (& a Giveaway!)

There are 39 weeks in the school year, and my kids have successfully completed one!  We are 1/39th of the way to the end, ladies and gentlemen.


Let’s count that Sesame Street style, shall we?

VUHN!  Vuhn veek of svkool.  AH AH AH AH AH!

OK.  My online Count accent could use a leetle vuhrk.  (It’s even vuhrse in person.)

I believe in celebrating success wherever we find it, though, SO…

My kids went to school CLOTHED all week.  Nope – didn’t send any nekked kiddos.

And my kids did not get suspended.  Not even once!  I know that’s true because Miss Aden came home thrilled on Friday, ran up to me, hugged my hips and said, “I did it, Mom!  I did NOT get suspended!”

Good on you, baby girl!  I’m one proud mama!

My kids were, stunningly, all thrilled to go back.  This is what comes from making home miserable, folks.  Chores.  Rules.  Consequences.  Do not underestimate the power of some good, old fashioned misery.  ‘Cause even though school has hard work, discipline and behavioral expectations, this is the magical time of year when heading back is a respite.  From this mommy.  And for this mommy.

And that’s what we call a win/win.

Truth be told, only one of my children was miserable at the end of the summer.  But he was miserable enough for all five kids combined.  My 11-year-old, in fact, was agony personified.  Angst incarnate.  Anguish embodied. But that story shall wait ’til later this week, because a) it will accompany Giveaway #2 of the week (that’s a teaser, right there), and b) he’s not miserable now that school’s back in session.  Hooray for school!

For today, my kids are joyful.  They are happy.  They are, every last one of them, well adjusted, rule-following, enthusiastic, school attenders.

For my kids went to school CLOTHED all week.

And my kids did not get suspended.  Not even once!

We are officially ROCKING this school year.

The End.


Giveaway Time!

Now, what’s this about a giveaway?

Ah, yes!

I figure, when school’s back in session is the perfect time for a giveaway for mamas.  Because, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get any new school supplies or any new school clothes or, as my baby would say, “I didn’t get ANY new ANYFING!”  Which is fine with me, because who wants to spend even more money this time of year?  Not me, that’s who!  Just in case you’re like me, this giveaway’s in honor of you.

And also, I’m bribing you so I can see your Back to School photos.  Send ’em in to, and tell me whether or not I’m allowed to post them! I can’t post all photos, but I’d love to post some.

For each photo you send (one per back-to-school child, please), you’ll be entered in a random drawing giveaway for this necklace:

I own one that’s very similar, and it’s one of my favorite jewelry pieces.  Made from a bomb shell casing in Cambodia, it’s fair trade jewelry that symbolizes the hope that can come after war.  I’m constantly struck by the way people take horror and turn it into beauty.  It’s both awe-inspiring and humbling, and I can’t wear it without it reminding me how small my own worries are… even the Back to School ones.

FYI, your photos don’t have to be from this year or of your kids!

  • Maybe you don’t have kids, and you’re, like, dang it all to heck!  Send me a picture of YOU going Back to School.  Or of you clothed.  Or of you not suspended.  You know, some kind of thematic element.  I’m not picky.
  • Maybe you have kids who aren’t Back to School age yet, but, shoot!, that’s a fun necklace.  In that case, send me a picture, ‘cause you have a kid who’s probably been clothed recently and has never, ever been suspended, and that is worth celebrating, my friend.

In short, send a picture to by 10:00pm (PDST) on Thursday, September 14th. The only picture rule is that you own the rights to it.

I’ll announce our random giveaway winner right here on this blog on Friday, September 16th.  Good luck!

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9 responses to “Back to School (& a Giveaway!)”

  1. According to the next “Thursday September 14th” is in 2017. That gives people not only time to create a great picture, but to create a great school age kid!

  2. Wish we could contribute a cute first-day-of-school pic of Greg. But we can’t remember EVER taking a picture of the kids on the first day! But we have lots of end-of-school (graduation) pictures. 🙂 Can you say proud parents?

  3. so now you’re making me, forcing me, twisting my arm to go through all of our crazy/funny/weird/interesting/etc back-to-school pictures while I’ve got a gazillion other things to do… only for you I would, and I will, only for you 😉

    to be continued…

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