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Pic of the Night

Just a quick pic ‘o the night.


It almost looks like they thought they weren’t supposed to be playing in the garbage can.


Oh, wait.  Did I say garbage can?

I meant dressing room.

Well, that’s all right then.

Carry on, boys.

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2 responses to “Pic of the Night”

  1. Hi Beth,

    I voted! I love your blog—as being at home with 3 boys is enough to make me bow down to anyone with 5 children. I especially love the photo of decaf mom’s kids in the store!

    On a side note: your blog will make me laugh more at my own boys, so thank you. Yesterday, for instance I hired a new sitter (college student) at a cafe …only to notice her peering over my shoulder. I turned just in time to see that Aidan had pressed his face against the cafe front window and was dragging it downward (practically licking it) with a perfect pig nose for all patrons to witness. Fortunately, the new sitter wasn’t frightened off.

    Thanks for lightening the hearts of moms.


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