On the Resolution to Endure: An Annual Report

As I sit here on the last day of December on the closed lid of my toilet with two kids playing Water Fountain in the bathtub and splashing water EVERYWHERE, I think about the year that’s bleeding away.

This year, you sat with me and held my hand as I crafted words on larger scale than I’ve ever written. One year ago, almost exactly, I picked this blog up, dusted it off, and turned it from a very occasional hobby into… well… a super, duper, extra-time-consuming hobby that I like a whole lot more. So it’s a completely different animal, really. ...  read more

The Blob and Other Stuff

“Indescribable …
Nothing can stop it!

You may be under the mistaken impression that The Blob is a 1958 horror and science fiction flick about an alien lifeform that consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows.

But it’s not.

It’s a satirical piece about my dirty laundry pile.

Same idea, though, really. ...  read more

The Problem with Parenting: Witnesses

My mild-mannered, long-suffering, tolerant husband told me last night that I’m a disappointment to parents everywhere.

OK, maybe Greg didn’t technically tell me, you know, with words, but he spoke volumes with his eyes. The red laser beams shooting from them were my first clue. When they burned “you and the boy are enmeshed to the point of being mutually parasitic” into the wall, I was on to him. ...  read more

Balls of Meat (aka, Meatballs)

My son is a carnivore. Ian’s ideal meal is meat wrapped in meat with a side of meat.

Ian, in fact, had a brief flirtation with a life of meat-centered crime when he stole BBQ ribs from my friend, Leanne. It’s probably not entirely his fault. I mean, he did ask if he could have some, and Leanne, who was making the ribs for her extended family get-together later that day, had the audacity to say no. I know. It’s hard to believe I’m friends with a woman who can look an 8-year-old boy in a face like this ...  read more

Flashing Memories of This Christmas Past

Before too many days pass in the rush of winter break, in the joys of Wiirritation (the particular brand of argument that breaks out in front of our gaming system), and in the flurry of endless activities, I’m going to take a moment to reflect on my favorite things about this Christmas.

I know. Poor blog form. What’s done is done, right? ...  read more

On Messes and Miracles

In a little town in Oregon on a mild Christmas Day,
five out of five kids looked directly at a camera,
five out of five kids kept every eye open,
five out of five kids smiled brightly,
and five out of five kids did each of those things simultaneously,
while their mama snapped the picture in time!

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Two thousand years ago, God-with-Us was born in a stinky barn, proving that miracles happen right smack dab in the middle of the mess. ...  read more

Five Fun Facts about Flying with Santa

Our house is all a-bustle as we prepare for Christmas.

I sat chuckling silently in my twins’ bedroom last night, on Christmas Eve Eve, as they rather desperately tried to put themselves to sleep. I saw the sugarplums waiting just out of their sight to leap into their dreams, but the boys remained goggle-eyed and awake far past their bedtime, brimming with excitement and nerves. Oh, boys, if you think that’s bad, just wait ’til tonight! ...  read more