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A Persuasive Essay by My Kid

You know that preteen kid I have who struggles to strain his words through expressive language disorder?

That kid who has a really rad “Geez, Mom!” holstered but ready for a quick-draw in a frustration shoot-out?

That’s the kid who makes me put on my big girl pants and show up for this Mom job every single day. Because even when I feel scared and alone trying to navigate infinite waters of need, being present right now is the only way I know how to do what love does.

And I’m grateful beyond measure that kid has a teacher who believes in him.

She believes in him so hard that she decided this is the year. The year my kid who sometimes can’t get out more than a wholehearted “WHATEVER, Mom” is going to participate in the mainstream fifth grade persuasive essay project.

My kid. A persuasive essayist.

You know what’s wrong with special education teachers? The really, really ridiculously good ones? They simply refuse to believe that their kids are incapable of achieving great things, and they go around spreading that kind of optimism like the flu.

And so, today’s post is brought to you by MY KID, the essayist, y’all! Oh sure, he might have help with sentence structure and vocabulary. And he might get to dictate to a grown-up. And it might take him several hours. But his thoughts and the content are all his own, and that makes a mama proud.

His topic? Someone who shows perseverance and should be on a stamp.


I want my Papa to be on a stamp.
a persuasive essay by Ian

I want my Papa to be on a stamp.  He had to practice for a long time to learn to fly airplanes.  He works me hard on my karate.  Papa still loves me even when I argue with him.

Papa loves airplanes.  He likes to fly big airplanes and small airplanes.  Papa learned to fly in the Marine Corps.  The Marines are hard.  You have to do whatever they do.  Papa did it, and then he flew!

Karate is hard work for me.  Sometimes I’m not in the mood for karate, but then Papa works me hard.  He makes me practice and practice and practice. He knows it makes me better and work on my orange belt.  He does it because he loves me.

Sometimes I argue with him.  Sometimes he gets mad, and his face gets red.  I get consequences to help me learn.  He thinks I am smart and can do better.  He does it because he loves me.

Papa should be on a stamp because he shows shows perseverance and he loves me.  It makes me happy.

The End


That was Ian’s someone who shows perseverance and should be on a stamp.

Here’s my someone.

The End


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13 responses to “A Persuasive Essay by My Kid”

  1. And the great thing is that I understand that you can now go on a post office website and order your own custom stamps. My sister Anne’s family had them on their Christmas cards one year.

  2. aw, this is so awesome. brought tears to my eyes. your heart must have just been bursting when you read what was on his mind!!!

  3. Yes! I vote for both of them to be on their own stamps. And how about a stamp for the special teachers who believe in this special kid (and others)? I’m so proud of Ian–what a great essay!

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