My Kid Wet My Bed

I’m away this weekend with my littlest three kiddos in Alaska.

While I’m away, I’m sharing tidbits that I originally posted only on the Five Kids Facebook page.

In the meantime, I leave you with these two tidbits brought to you by my son Cai:

My Kid Wet My Bed

My 5-year-old wet my bed last night. While I was in it. Again.

Mmm…what a warm and wonderful way to wake up. All leisurely and slow and stretchy and “what is that delicious aroma?” and “OHCRAP, OHCRAP, OHCRAP!”

“CRAP?!” my husband said, bolting upright.

“Well, no,” I replied, “It’s just pee. You know, pee saturating Cai and me and my entire side of the bed.”

And then my husband went back to sleep because I guess only actual, bona fide crap registers on his Things to Wake Up For scale.

The man has his priorities, and I can’t say I fault where he’s placed sleep upon it.


Tidbit #2
What am I? A rookie?

At the McDonald’s playland, I told Cai he absolutely, positively MUST put his socks back on. I didn’t specify on what he must put them. What am I? A rookie?


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