Snow Fabulous

photo courtesy of Joel Bock Photography


I love the snow.

I love that it makes our messy world look pristine.

I love it in the early morning hours when it makes everything quiet.

And I love it later when it makes everything loud.

I love the forced reminder to live only in the present moment. Because snow is ethereal. And temporary. And lovely. So we grab it while we can, knowing it’s going to leave sooner than we’d wish it gone.

Kind of like life.

But these days, I love the snow most of all for the rare sight of my two oldest playing with each other.

Giving as good as they get.

And laughing all the way.

Thank you, snow. You really are snow very fabulous for bringing our family together in fun, memorable ways.


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6 responses to “Snow Fabulous”

  1. And. . . . We got a fully intelligible verbal report on the whole morning, with the smile still intact! Fabulous!!!!!

  2. okay, you live only a few blocks from us and looks like you got way more snow! I couldn’t even get my kids to go out in it even though they were so excited to see it. Looks like your bunch had a lot of fun!

    • The first few pics of my littles were taken last weekend in ALASKA!

      But the pics of my bigs are right here in Oregon. I keep telling people that the elevation up our hill makes a HUGE difference in the amount of snow we get. Sometimes we get snow when the rest of town doesn’t. Now I have your written proof for my high elevation claims. YIPPEE! And THANKS.

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