Coming Home: Good Enough to Eat

I arrived home today from my whirlwind trip to Las Vegas and sat down to dinner with my family whereupon I immediately asked a 5-year-old if he found it necessary to keep the large piece of deli ham on his face.

Cai told me that it was, in fact, necessary but he also assured me that he had planned ahead by biting breathing holes into his lunch meat. It’s so good to know that my “safety first” lectures are finally making an impact.

I loved my trip to Las Vegas with my girlfriends. It was, frankly, thrilling to eat meal after meal after meal without the need to tell any of them to mind their manners or, you know, take meat off their faces. In fact, I’m planning to write soon about our Redrock hike, because, WOW, what a soul-soother.

But I’ll tell you this in the meantime…

Of all the gorgeous places in all the world, there’s nothing quite like a kid who has ham on his face to remind me that home is the place I love best. And that my family is – apparently literally – good enough to eat.

More soon,

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