Bunny Cake (UPDATED: Football Cake, too!)

On Easter Sunday, for as long as I can remember, our family serves two things:

  1. a risen Savior
  2. bunny cake

And woe betide the person who tries to separate us from either.

Earlier this week on the Five Kids Facebook page, just in time to make your Easter grocery shopping list, I let you in on my fancy-schmancy but easy-peasy Corncakes with Mascarpone Icing recipe. They’re delicious. They’re elegant. They’re impressive. They’re perfect for company.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make my mama’s bunny cake. It’s also easy-peasy. But it’s not fancy-schmancy. Or elegant.

It’s just really, really fun.

And perfect for kids.

Just in case you, gosh darn it, were hoping to make something (anything??) awesome for Easter but ran outta time, here it is. A go-to fix. ‘Cause if you have a cake mix stuffed somewhere in your cupboard and the ingredients to throw together icing (or a tub of fudge frosting hidden under your bed… yum!), you can pull this off. And don’t we all need to just be able to pull stuff off sometimes?

Yes! Yes, we do.

And so, without further ado, I give you…


Bunny Cake

Here’s what you need:

  • one round cake, cooked and cooled (or two rounds for smaller, more adorable bunnies)
  • icing in 2 colors, by which I mean mostly one color and approximately 2 Tbsp of a second color (FYI, I made vanilla icing first, reserved 2 Tbsp., and then turned the rest into chocolate)
  • some kind of candy for eyeballs and a nose – chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, jelly beans, smarties, M&M’s, etc. – your options are endless

That’s it. Three things.

And here’s what you do:

Take your round cake…

… and cut it in half.

Frost one side…

… keeping one eye open, as always, for icing pilferers …

… because those guys are sneaky!

And then squash your cake halves together.

You’ve just, essentially, made half of a layer cake. (So why not just make a layer cake and cut that in half? I don’t know, but that is NOT how it’s done.)

Next, stand that cake upright on your cake platter or plate so you have a half-circle rising up off of it like a rainbow.

Ta Da!

Now, frost that sucker all over.

I like to pull my frosting knife up off of the icing to make little waves, as though my bunny is an elementary boy who got at his mama’s hair gel and spiked his hair in an ill-advised effort to be cool. It just makes me happy.

Finally, take your second color of icing and frost some ears and a tail on that bunny. Throw on some candy as eyes and a nose (these are mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, but only because I didn’t have any jelly beans on hand), scatter some more candy around for decoration, and, Voila!, …

… bunny cake!

Usually delicious. Always fun. Never unappreciated. … A perfect Mama Trinity!

Here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter.



The End


UPDATED: 31 January 2014

This can be an American Football or Superbowl Cake, too! 
Who knew??

I saw this at the grocery store today:

photo (91)

I’m TOTALLY making it for the Seahawks/Broncos Superbowl game this Sunday.

It’s exactly the same as Bunny Cake except smooth chocolate frosting and white laces instead of ears and a tail.

Maybe I’ll put a tail on it anyway. That’s always my favorite part.

P.S. Go ‘Hawks!

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8 responses to “Bunny Cake (UPDATED: Football Cake, too!)”

  1. Hold on hold on hold on! HOW do you get the different colored icing ears on without shmearing the chocolate all through it? Those aren’t something frosted seperately and stuck on? I think you might be overestimating my skillz.

  2. My 2.5 year old son and I decided to make your bunny cake for his uncle John’s birthday. I think he put too much food coloring in the frosting and it was kinda humid that day:) I will send you a picture of the bunnies.

  3. That’s brilliant, from the nose to the tail!

    Love “Our family serves two things: the risen Saviour and bunny cake”. That’s a brilliant catchphrase.

    Happy Easter dear Beth!


  4. A similarly decorated icing pilferer was at my house two weeks ago… They are sneaky (ish). My non-bunny-fur sheet cake ended up with finger scrapes that looked like bunny fur across part of it. I’m sure our pilferer was surprised we figured out the culprit. They never believe me anymore when I tell them that ”Moms know EVERYTHING!” Mwahaha!

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