Nothing is better than a mommy.

Today, I’m privileged to be guest posting in honor of Mother’s Day at Medical Teams International. 

I work part-time at Medical Teams International because their mission – to demonstrate the love of Christ to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty around the world – owns my heart. In a world where atrocities exist, where people hurt each other, and where the very Earth can heave and buckle and betray the people who depend on it, I am honored to be part of the amazing work of healing the sick, caring for the poor, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. This is part of the life to which I’m called and a glimpse deep inside my heart’s desire.

We may be ordinary mamas but we can do extraordinary things together because we know this…


Nothing is better than a mommy.

The room was dark. The pillows were soft. His twin brother was already fast asleep. But my other five-year-old boy – the introspective one – can’t shut down his thoughts quite so efficiently, and sleep eluded him again.

 “Mommy?” whispered Cael.

 “Yes, Cael?” I whispered back.

 “I wuhve you.”

 “Oh, Cael, baby. I wuhve you, too.”

 “And also, Mommy?”

 “Yes, Cael?”

 “Nothing is better than a mommy.”

 Nothing is better than a mommy, he said, and my heart grew three full sizes, just like mommies and daddies and reformed Grinches around the world know that hearts can do.

Five years ago, my twin boys were born seven weeks premature…

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