Goal Setting

I took this photo at the zoo this week:

Dirt bath, the sign reads.
Mountain goats like to roll in dirt-filled basins to clean their coats.

It gave my boys a raging case of mountain goat envy.

They’ve since tried to convince me that they don’t need washing.

“We’re washing right now, Mom,” they say with sighs and disdain, wondering why I just don’t get it, “We’re doing it like mountain goats.”


I have a brand new August Goal, as follows:
Get boys to stop saying, “we’re doing it like mountain goats” before school starts.

Frankly, friends, I’m not sure I’ve trained well enough for this competition. It’s gonna be a very, very close race.

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7 responses to “Goal Setting”

  1. Hahaha! My daughter and my neighbour’s son watched the chickens taking a dust bath — and then had one too! My neighbour said she took a photo of the tub after she bathed them as it was the dirtiest bath she’d ever seen.

  2. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at this! I am glad my 7 year old son has never seen anything about dirt baths… I am positive it would suit him to a T to not only not have to take a proper bath, but get to roll around in even more dirt to boot.

  3. I’d be tempted to tell my son if he’s going to bathe like a mountain goat he’ll need to eat and sleep like one too (peeing and pooping like one takes it a bit far). Having no clue what a mountain goat eats would require some research and turning him loose to sleep in the rocks in the back yard could make for some fancy footwork around Child Protective Services. But c’mon, all or nothing baby. Either “you’re doing it like mountain goats” (which is nasty on so many levels) or your not.

    On a side note – is it still technically bathing if its in the front yard with a hose and may or may not involve soap??

    • Yes, it TOTALLY counts. You’d be amazed the stuff I give myself credit for…

      My kids drank water today? That’s like bathing on the INSIDE, and they say it’s what’s inside that counts, right? That’s a bathing win right there.

      We had ketchup with our fries? Veggies, baby! (I also count chocolate chocolate-chip zucchini bread.) Another win.

      You gotta take the wins as they come, mama, and make some up if they don’t come. 😉

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