UPDATED: How to Dress for an Oregon Summer

Why? How do your kids dress for summer?



Hey, y’all! Since I posted this pic of Cai preparing for Oregon summer, I received this photo, How to Dress for an Alaska Summer, from my friend Carleta:

Carleta: “I can’t provide any explanation for what he is wearing.”

It made me laugh and laugh.

So, late at Facebook-night, I asked for your pictures because we may live far apart, but we are one in spirit and in strangely dressed kids. And, even though it was a holiday weekend, you sent ’em.

Take a gander at this magnificence.


How to Dress for a Seattle* Summer
by Kristen of Your Face is like the Sunshine

 *Psst… I’d title this “How to Dress for a Washington Summer” but you east coasters – sheesh! – you think Washington’s on the other side of the country. 😉


How to Dress for an Idaho Summer
by Audrey of Paci-Catchers


How to Dress for an English Summer
by Fiona of Tea with a Friend


How to Dress for an Illinois Summer
by Laura


How to Dress for a Louisiana Summer
by Terri of the Pampered Chef


How to Dress for a Pennsylvania Summer
by Pearl


How to Dress for a North Carolina Summer
by Michal of Whole-hearted Mama


How to Dress for a Dutch Summer
by Carina


How to Dress for an Ohio Summer
by Karen


Thanks for sending your HILARIOUS pics, friends.

P.S. I feel SO NORMAL right now.


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16 responses to “UPDATED: How to Dress for an Oregon Summer”

  1. Hahahaha!!! Growing up in the Eugene, the cardinal rule was: layers. Dress in layers at all times. Doesn’t matter if the day starts 80 and sunny, it could end 41 and rainy. Or vice versa. Come to think of it, that’s still the cardinal rule as a “grown up” in Portland. (Grown up in quotations because let’s face it, I love playing dodgeball, babbling back at my tiny neice, and sound effects of all kind!)

  2. I love it, lol. My 3-year-old is only just starting to figure out that he has some form of power over what he looks like, lol.

    And from a former-Alaskan turned Oregonian to the one who has rights to the stylin’ kid in the second picture:
    U-A-A! U-A-A! We are the Seawolves and we’re ready to play!

  3. I love this, my 4 yo boy may have been ruined by me and my desire to “dress accordingly” and match lol, but my almost 3 yo girl LOVES to dress crazy. Its a ton of fun to see what she will pick out to wear each day. Though she has an adoration with coats and hoodies and WV summer does not allow for such, so she gets angry when I tell her she can’t wear them out, but I let her in the house, the ac keeps her at a safe temp 🙂 love the pic !!

    • Oh, man. You should’ve seen me with my perfectly coordinated first kid! I shopped consignment stores CONSTANTLY because I couldn’t afford Baby Gap brand new, and that’s what I wanted her to wear. She was ADORABLE. And then one day, she dressed herself for preschool. Her pig-tails were wonky, her clothes mismatched (hot pink, red, brown and gray, I think), and she was wearing 2 different shoes. I got 3 phone calls that morning from other mamas, wanting to know if I was sick, since it was SO unlike me.

      To contrast, I actually dropped Cai off at a friend’s house dressed like he is above, and the friend didn’t even ask about the outfit. Funny to remember who I was and who I am… Baby Gap me was a LIFETIME ago. Thanks for the memory trigger and walk down memory lane. 🙂

  4. A fashion trendsetter. I love it! In Calgary summers, we often wear the snow hat out of necessity. Also sometimes mittens. And the occasional snow jacket. But my most favorite fashion statement was made by my daughter when she was 3 (she’s now 9): she couldn’t decide between two pairs of shoes, so she wore one of each. She also wore her bike helmet to church, because it made her “a beauty”. Now THAT is style. 🙂

  5. This is so much like the way my 5 year old dresses, he could be your sons’ third twin! Rain boots and “fancy” vests and bow ties (originally going with suits) are his favorite fashion combination. He mostly wears a blue plaid fedora, although sometimes he mixes it up and just wears underwear on his head.

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