A Halloween Agreement for More Acceptable Working Conditions

Dear Parents,

I cannot urge you strongly enough to read through this document and make sure all Parties sign before you commence trick-or-treating. When we stand up for justice and fair treatment, everyone wins.

Because I care,


Here’s the full text. Please see below for the printable version.

A Halloween Agreement for More Acceptable Working Conditions
made this 31st day of October, 2012 2013
between you (the Children) and we (the Parents) ...  read more

Last-Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Hey, thanks to all of you who came to my Halloween Eve rescue with great, find-stuff-at-home, last-minute costume ideas.

Ian, the only one of my kiddos who attends a school that allows costumes, decided this morning to be a troll.

You may be confused, as I was, about what exactly the difference is between a troll, a zombie and a vampire.

A troll, it turns out, has horns (thank you, gel and hairspray!) and clean but ragged clothes. Minus the horns, we seem to be a family of trolls. Who knew? ...  read more

Eye Contact and the Teenaged Child

Abby’s 14. She told me today to quit doing that thing with your eyes, Mom. I might’ve been lecturing her a teeny, tiny bit at the time, but I think “gently sharing information” is probably more accurate than “lecturing,” Abby.

What thing with my eyes? I asked because I know there was no “thing” and she was just being dramatic. ...  read more

Random Thoughts on Laundry, Gratitude and Hurricane Sandy

I wasn’t going to write today but then I got to thinking about all of you East Coast friends watching the storm roll in, and, well, I just wanted to say “hi” for a minute and stand with you.

Here’s the thing about today and time: I might have joked about laundry in the past — about taking a break at the base camp of Mt. Laundry and my hope to summit before nightfall — but I’m currently on a many-days-long trek through the Himalayas of Laundry, and there’s no end in sight, much less time to write. (Psst. Send help.) ...  read more

Easy Peasy FAST Homemade Bread

There are places in my house that require my attention.

My little boys’ room, for example, is just begging for some quality time.

So I had to really put on my thinking cap to find a way — any way at all — to avoid the mess.

And that’s where homemade bread comes in. The perfect solution! Fall is in the air. Baking must be done. OK, so maybe we can’t actually walk in our house without tripping, but it finally smells terrific around here, and I think we can all agree that’s a stunning victory. ...  read more

My Crystal Ball Is Broken. Waiting Sucks.

My crystal ball’s been on the fritz ever since I accidentally left it in the backyard and my son peed on it. Be careful with your crystal ball is what I’m saying; apparently your fairy godmother is only allowed to issue one per mama (would’ve been nice to know that ahead of time), and if you don’t care for yours responsibly you don’t get a new one no matter how many letters you write or how much you beg. Stingy creatures, fairy godmothers. Probably related to that unreliable, late night beer-drinker, the Tooth Fairy...  read more