Last-Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Hey, thanks to all of you who came to my Halloween Eve rescue with great, find-stuff-at-home, last-minute costume ideas.

Ian, the only one of my kiddos who attends a school that allows costumes, decided this morning to be a troll.

You may be confused, as I was, about what exactly the difference is between a troll, a zombie and a vampire.

A troll, it turns out, has horns (thank you, gel and hairspray!) and clean but ragged clothes. Minus the horns, we seem to be a family of trolls. Who knew?

A zombie is filthy, shambles instead of walks, and brains drip from its mouth.

A vampire wears black (never brown – geez, Mom), has fangs, and there’s blood all over its clothes.

Vampires and zombies, I guess, are messy eaters; I’ll bet their mommies take them straight to the tub when dinner’s over.

As you can see, this is a troll.


I asked my troll if they all have eyes this pretty, deep brown and doe-like.

And my troll said, “Mom. Stop. I’m a mean troll. Not pretty.”

But then he smiled and wrecked everything.

Happy Halloween from my trollish family!
Here’s wishing you a safe and fun holiday.

Also, I don’t mean to ruin my nice holiday wishes by being competitive, but on the Massive Candy Acquisition Front? We’re gonna take you down, friends.


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4 responses to “Last-Last-Minute Halloween Costume”

  1. I asked my kids if they wanted dress up as each other for Halloween. “Isn’t that a great idea?” I said, feeling rather proud of myself. The eye rolls I received indicate that, apparently, I’m not so clever when it comes to costume ideas. Your troll, however, is GENIUS. Although I’m pretty sure trolls aren’t supposed to be so handsome. Just saying. 😉

  2. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a prettier set of eyes anywhere. And, feel free to tell your troll I said so.

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