“Santa, Baby” for the Modern Mama

It’s not that Santa doesn’t mean well. He does. It’s just that the Big Guy seems to know a lot about how to fill my kids’ and my husband’s stockings, and, well, I think I’ve made it historically hard on him with my “oh, I don’t need anything” and “get me whatever” comments.

This year, I’m changing all that by providing the Jolly Old Elf with a tiny bit of guidance in the form of Stocking Ideas for Her...  read more

Dear Santa, About My Stocking…

Dearest Santa,

I know you’ve had trouble in the past filling my stocking, and I want you to know I don’t blame you. Really, I don’t, and I almost completely mean that.

See, I know our communication isn’t always the best; it tends to be focused on the children, and I poo-poo you when you ask what I want, leaving you confused and wary, suspicious that I might not mean the “nothing” or the “oh, whatever” I tell you to purchase but without a clear path forward. ...  read more

We decorated for Christmas.

We decorated for Christmas yesterday.

By “we” I mean Greg and I decorated for 6 hours and four of the kids decorated for 6 minutes and one teenager decorated in absentia.

By “Greg and I decorated” I mean we pulled out the Christmas boxes, discovered that only half of every string of lights worked, debated the merits of our disposable culture, decried our participation therein, rejected the temptation to buy all new lights, committed to being better stewards of our resources, cozied up to Google for light management lessons, headed to Home Depot to purchase a nifty tool that actually repaired our light strings, and, in the end, felt satisfyingly superior. ...  read more

Thank you for YOU… a giveaway with LB Designs Jewelry

This is the final day in the Thank You for YOU giveaway series.

Meet my friend, Leslie Brittell, owner of LB Designs Jewelry.

Truth is, Leslie’s a total nut job, which means I like her very much. She’s loud. She’s funny. She knows deep in her bones what it means to accept a life that isn’t easy and still choose joy and radical love… and also to beat her head occasionally upon the wall. Mamas of awesome kids with special powers, can I get a what what?? ...  read more

Thank you for YOU… a giveaway with Ordinary Artists

This is day 2 in the 3-day Thank You for YOU giveaway series.

Allow me to introduce you to Sarah, creative genius behind Ordinary Artists.

Sarah is cool beans. In addition to the crafts you’ll see here and on her Etsy site, Sarah’s a slam poetry artist. Dude, I am here to tell you I will never be that cool so I’m especially grateful to know people who are.

When I asked Sarah to tell us a little bit more about the how and the why of Ordinary Artists, she wrote, “When I was a little girl, my dad taught me how to make art. Now we make art together! We call ourselves ‘Ordinary Artists’ because we create beautiful art for every life. We love to use ordinary materials (buttons, fabric, ribbon, driftwood, doorknobs) to make little pieces of art that people can enjoy in their everyday lives. Personally, I love creating. I don’t think I could make it through life without the joy of making beautiful things. We started Ordinary Artists a year ago, and hope to continue making art and having fun for a long time.” ...  read more

Thank you for YOU… and a giveaway with Homespun Haley

Yesterday, I spent the day with my family, grateful for their loud, whiny, funny, crazy, fussy, sweet, irritating, endearing selves.

Today, I want to take a moment to say thank you for YOU.

Thank you for you!

Thank you for accompanying me on the mom journey. Thank you for every comment, every laugh, every tear, and every moment of sweet mama solidarity peppered with authenticity, openness and vulnerability. I set out to write this blog to help normalize the mama experience. Turns out, you all do that for me every day, too. THANK YOU. ...  read more