Liberty. Equality. Fraternity.

All over Paris, buildings are engraved with the French motto:


Fortunately, Greg was able to translate the French for me.

And then Greg and Abby helped me create a visual aid so I won’t forget.


Thanks, Greg.

I know I can get a little eye-rolly when I have to admit that you’re smarter than me, but I want you to know I’m always glad you’re here to teach our family important, cultural facts.



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6 responses to “Liberty. Equality. Fraternity.”

  1. What?! Only one kid?! Amateur! Hee Hee! Your photos are making me nostalgic. I haven’t been back to Paris since I was there at 18 with my then boyfriend, now husband a mere 26 years ago. Oh, those were the days! I keep dropping hints that it would be a PERFECT 25th wedding anniversary present (in 3 years). I’m giving him plenty of time to get the hint and plenty of time to plan! We’ll see if he picks up on it. If not, I just might have to give myself that anniversary present and bring him along!
    Glad to have you back and yes, we missed your posts so feel free to blast away!

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