Today I’m thankful for threats and bribery which made this photo possible.

And I’m thankful for kid cousins who exist to comfort each other when parents are Meany Mc-SMILE-NOW-Meanpantses.

And I’m thankful for grown-up cousins who welcome us and our threatening and our bribery to their home and insist no matter how many things we break that we’re wanted and loved.

And I’m thankful for the 17.5 hours I’ve been the mama of two teenagers during which I’ve committed zero homicides. So far, so good, Mama Me. And Happy Birthday, Ian!

And, finally, I’m thankful for YOU.

From our family to yours,
Happy Thanksgiving!


And, psst… heads up! Tune in tomorrow for Day One of three days of giveaways! That sort of thing is rare in these parts, but I finagled cool merchandise out of three lovely, creative ladies, so I get to pass it along to you. WOOHOO!


And what are YOU thankful for?
(The REAL list, please. Not the safe-for-dinner-table list.)


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28 responses to “Thankful”

  1. I’m thankful that we don’t have Black Friday in Canada. That looks kinda scary!! =p

    What’s your twitter name? Your blog button linking to twitter doesn’t seem to work at the moment…

  2. Thankful that I did not commit any homicides on our FIRST move with children. We all lived, and there are only boxes in two closets and in the garage, and we have only had our stuff for 8 days! It was successful. Also thankful for baby # 3, that I just found out about tonight!

  3. I am thankful for my incredible family. Parents, brothers, sister, nieces, nephews, husband, sons, daughters… All of them. We had a few dozen people here yesterday and everyone was happy. No tension, no frustration just happy.*

    Oh, I’m also thankful for White chocolate peppermint M&Ms.

    *I am very thankful for my amazing family, but so sad. This may be our last holiday all together for a while. My sister is moving to Portland in a few weeks. Portland is very, very, very far from Kentucky. I’m trying not to hold a grudge against the city, but right now I’m kind of mad at Portland.

    • I didn’t know white chocolate peppermint M&M’s exist… this is the best news.

      Sorry about the sister’s move. 🙁 If it’s to my Portland (the Oregon Portland, instead of the Maine Portland) then come visit and tell me when you’re here. Wishing you peace in the midst of the pain. xo

      • Yes, it is Portland, Oregon (the very, very, very far away one.) I hear it is quite beautiful out there. She also just told us all that she will be having her 3rd baby this summer, so a visit to meet my new niece or nephew will be necessary!

  4. I am thankful for God’s provision for us even when we are uncertain how or what to do for ourselves. I am thankful that we can trust God to see the bigger picture when things don’t make sense to us at all. I am thankful for the family and friends that come along unexpectedly to love us no matter what. I am thankful when leaders of our world find ways to reach out and find compromise and cease-fire. I am thankful when we can forgive each other for our inevitable mistakes. I am thankful for those of you who help me laugh out loud at how funny we all can be. I am thankful for the love of each and every one of you.

  5. I am thankful for any number of blessings experienced daily. I am SO thankful for a patient, and eager-to-help husband, for an extremely awesome 10 year old (TODAY!!) boy, for my wonderful grown children and their beautiful children……and I suppose I really should be grateful that I am employed, even if I did have to work the day before Thanksgiving, and I’m here the day after. I’m thankful that we had plenty of food to cook for the holiday, and a home to cook it in.
    And I am thankful for the Redskins beating the Cowboys last night.

  6. I’m thankful that I did not kill my child, I did not kill my husband, I did not kill the dogs (do you see a theme here?), got to read through 1.2 million newspaper circulars even though I will NEVER go shopping on Black Friday, got to cook Thanksgiving lunch AND clean up afterwards (please don’t be jealous), and that I have insomnia so that I can write this post. Yay, me…..

  7. I’m thankful I got my week’s worth of Bible study done this morning, in between freaking about my thermomix dying, Christmas shopping, and not-murdering my /adorable/ children who thought pre 6am was a good time to wake. And that the taxi which was supposed to get my husband to his work flight wasn’t more than 20minutes late. And for the kindly baggage crew that let him put his luggage on even though luggage had already closed.

  8. This year I’m thankful to have a ten year old daughter, who is adjusting well to her new life with us after leaving Russia not quite three months ago. I’m thankful for my fifteen year old son (also adopted but as a toddler), who is an amazing kid that I haven’t ruined. I’m thankful my husband is a workaholic, because I get a lot of free time to do what I want with the kids ( don’t tell anyone I know that I said that). I’m thankful that Texas probably won’t really secede because I don’t want to have to try to sell the house and move out of what would be a foreign country!

  9. I am thankful that: the food we brought to my sister’s house survived my 15-year-old-newly-learner’s-permitted daughter’s Mario-Andretti-like turns; that I was not hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house and therefore did not have to clean; that the scale told me this morning that, “Yes you really have lost 24 pounds and it’s still gone,” that I have a really REALLY comfortable bed and that I get to spend lots of time enjoying it this weekend, since I have only a few obligations between now and Monday morning, and those can largely work around whatever hours my body decides to sleep!

    • And I forgot that I’m also thankful that it is “cold” outside (like 65) and I don’t have to run the AC right now (which you would only understand if you lived in South Florida like me).

      • I grew up in SE Asia. I TOTALLY understand this. I remember the cold front that took us to 70 degrees in Manila one year. We were breaking out the sweaters and huddling together for warmth. Thanks for the fun memory. Now 70 degrees in Oregon is shorts and tank top weather — acclimatization is a funny thing!

  10. I am thankful:
    That we all had clean clothes to wear today;
    That we made it to the restaurant on time;
    That we had enough gas to get us there and back (payday is tomorrow);
    For my wonderful parents, who insisted on paying our tab;
    That our private dining room had space for the kids to play;
    That the kids had a blast and didn’t scream (too much);
    For yummy food we didn’t have to cook;
    For my wonderful husband who took the Rowdy One outside to play;
    That we didn’t have to do the cleanup! (Especially since there was whipped cream and butter and jam smeared all over the carpet and the elegant tablecloth.)

  11. I am grateful for the grace to surrender myself to God, ever greater and deeper. This has been a struggle for me for so long, but in the last month I feel I’ve gotten some respite from my struggle with self and it is so sweet and I am so grateful. And I haven’t had much opportunity to speak about this with anyone that I feel would understand nor have I had the time to write about it, which is why I am writing it here. (And this isn’t “safe-for-the-dinner-table” thanks as my sister and her husband, who were here, are atheists, and were uncomfortable enough with the grace my mother-in-law offered up.)

  12. The break I have had from “mother nature”… not burning anything today…. Great help with cleaning up after I make a big mess cooking everything…. the flu bug 4 of the kids got made them mainly just grumpy and hot… that hubby hasn’t “laid down the law” on the kids regarding their messy room…. and not carrying about my goofy hair today because I wasn’t going anywhere or seeing anyone.

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