Santa the Aviator: a Guest Post for the Huffington Post

Although we welcome Santa into our homes and hearts this time of year, carefully choosing his favorite cookies (chocolate chip, despite the ongoing snickerdoodle rumors) and waxing eloquent on the magic he uses to shove his girth into the chimney, we know very little about Santa in his role as aviator.

Sure, Santa’s been flying for years. He’s one of the original aviation pioneers, after all. But specific information about how he coordinates his flights and manages his crew has been in short supply. Despite NORAD’s very cool Santa Tracker, scientifically-minded kids want to know more.

How does Santa navigate from place to place? By what means does he avoid mid-air collisions? And what does Santa do about safety? Find out with today’s blog post, 5 Fun Facts About Flying With Santa on The Huffington Post. Click here.

(Thanks for having me, HuffPost Parents. And special thanks to the Old Marine for the insider scoop and expert information. Love you, Papa.)

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