The Nanny McTooth

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, People of All Ages,

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that

Cai has an
Nanny McTooth
Her Dramatic Quest for Freedom

This just in!
…or out, depending on your perspective…

(Note: Stunning camera work by yours truly. Don’t judge. Filming steadily while shushing herds of children and keeping the naked breakdancing one out of the shot is a tough skill set to master.)



Nanny McTooth is

Thank you for all the encouragement you provided. When I wrote to you yesterday, asking you to support the Free Nanny McTooth Today Campaign, I never imagined we’d actually free Nanny McTooth that day.

In an abrupt about-face last night, Cai had a change of heart and delivered into my hands the keys to Nanny McTooth’s freedom — a length of string and close proximity to a door knob. It took us two (count them, TWO) slams of the door to winch her out. Full credit to Cai for the fierce determination to continue despite comforting his mother who was busy gagging between sets and assuring him he needn’t go on.

In other words, good work, friends. But mostly Cai. Good, good work, Son.

If you’d like to offer Cai and Nanny McTooth your congratulations, please feel free to leave them a comment. I’ll read them every one.


P.S. I decided to lay off the Tooth Fairy for one night. Bad-mouthing her doesn’t seem to produce more reliable results anyway. So instead of criticism, I fed her a hot toddy with an extra splash of bourbon. Interestingly, she did a MUCH better job after that. Coincidence? I think not.


For more video work by Cai, he also starred long ago in this instructional video. If you’re ever at a loss trying to teach kids where and how to wash, Cai’s your man.


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18 responses to “The Nanny McTooth”

  1. Wow, Cai Cai, you are the man. Great job showing Mama how to get that Nanny McTooth out of your mouth. You were strong and brave. And a music star too…your song is terrific. I love watching your video. I like your mouth with no front teeth. Handsome dude.
    Love, Nana

  2. Yay Cai!! First time commenting, but had to share my teeth pulling story :). Hating loose teeth must be a mom thing; my mom loathed it. It was soley dad’s job to deal with teeth. Once it was loose, he’d wrap a piece of floss around it, give it a sharp tug, and out came the tooth. One time though, he was out of town and my brither’s tooth was at the point of “immediate extraction necessary”. My mom couldn’t bring herself to deal with it so she called a neighbor to come pull it out! A neighbor!! My dad then taught me his techniques. Now as a mom I’m terrified I’ll have to use my skill.

  3. Pulling teeth is traumatic business at our house as the mommy and daddy do not want to know about or see loose teeth as throwing up a little in our mouths ensues. However, after a consultation with the orthodontist for both girls, I have changed my tune a bit. They both have teeth that need to come out by the time they visit the dentist next week or the dentist will have to help. So, there is $20 on the table for each tooth that is freed prior to the dentist appointment. I figure, it’s hella less than the dentist will charge!

  4. Yay, Cai and Nanny McTooth! A brave rescue indeed!

    Also, about the Tooth Fairy- I’m not a fairy, but I did play one at our local Renaissance Festival (I know, I totally just became cool in everyone’s eyes!) and I know a few things about fairies. Like, if you want them to do stuff for you, or even just stop tying knots in your hair overnight, you have to leave them libations. So OF COURSE she did her job better after a hot toddy with extra bourbon. Repeat this exercise often and you’ll probably find a much friendlier fairy. Not necessarily more responsible, but friendlier is a start…

  5. WOO HOO!! All Cai needed was a little help from the universe 🙂

    “It theems tho long thince I could say, ‘thithter Thuthie thittin’ on a thithle’…” (My son asks, “What’s a thithle?”)

  6. YAY!!!! Good job, Cai! You are SO BRAVE!

    I would have capped the evening with an extra splash of bourbon, too! Good job, Beth!

  7. CONGRATS TO CAI!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (And to mom for having the heart to 1) put him through the slamming door, and 2) not spew on the poor kid and increase the permanent damage to his psyche.)
    PS – Cai, please feel free to blame me and the generations before me for this horribly brutal technique. I fear I may have encouraged the technique. Please feel free to leave horrid suggestions below as to how best to gain revenge; I will happily pass them on to my eight year old son who is always itching for another co-conspirator in the "get even with mom" plot!


    • Thanks, Marci!

      Re: #2… In addition to my near-puking posture, I had one girl-child observer plugging her ears (I cannot tell you why), closing her eyes and whispering “no, no, no, no, no,” and one boy-child saying in the world’s loudest voice, “OH, MAN, CAI! THIS IS GOING TO HURT,” and one boy-child at the tippy-top of the stairs rocking himself and saying, “I can’t watch. I can’t watch.”

      All I’m saying is, the psychological damage is probably already done.

      And also, we’re the most supportive family ever.

      • Why is it that all of that makes PERFECT sense to me!! ^_^
        Well, except the near puking posture…. I’m immune to about everything. Thank goodness for my upbringing!

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