Six Thousand Lives to Live

My friend sent me a prayer on Sunday. It came as I rushed to prepare for Miss Aden’s trip to the country of her birth. And as I berated myself for my lack of planning. And as I wondered again, for the billionth time, why I’m always rushing and busy and not attentive enough and not present enough and lots of other things with the words not and enough.

It’s just, you know, the holidays and school break and kids and feeding my family and cleaning up their messes, and then cleaning up my messes which aren’t physical but feel bigger and messier because they’re mine.

But then the prayer came. POP! Right there to my e-mail box. In black and white and not a bit… not a bit, not a bit of it… from me.

And it rebuilt me. With beautiful words and best wishes and kindness and a generosity of spirit that I’d forgotten to offer to myself, it rebuilt me.

At the end she wrote,

“I know that it is just Sunday
and there six thousand lives to be lived
between now and your flight
but it is Sunday, and you leave in two days,
so I want you to know…”

And I thought,

Six thousand lives! How does she know?

Which is when I realized,

Of course she knows. She’s a mama, too.

 We’re all living our six thousand lives.

Every last one of us.

Six thousand lives to be lived between now and then.

Six thousand lives every day.

So, mamas and daddies and humany humans, I want you to know. In case you’re rushing and busy and berating yourself. In case not and enough have stolen their way inside. Again.

I want you to know I’m saying her prayer for you today, fellow traveler, and that I’m holding you in the Light.


I’m holding you in the most graceful Light this week.
I’m holding you in the most graceful Light.

While you prepare,
And while you travel,
And while you arrive.
While this journey reminds you of other journeys,
And while your children play.
While the beauty of the world’s colors against its dirt captures you again.
And again.
And again.
And again.

For the six thousand lives to be lived between now and then,
I’m holding you in the Light.

~ Kim Boyd ~


My Mayan Princess today. A most cherished life.


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7 responses to “Six Thousand Lives to Live”

  1. This is beautiful, Beth. Thanks for sharing. And Aden looks stunning. I pray your trip and special time with her are wonderful for both of you in so many ways.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL young lady!
    and a beautiful post!
    Hope you are feeling better and you two gals are having a blast!

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