How to Keep Romance Alive UPDATED

You know, I hate to be greedy and grabby and stuff-oriented, friends, but sometimes, sometimes, it feels good when Greg sends me stuff.

Stuff like flowers.

Flowers are good.

And jewelry.

Jewelry’s nice.


Always smart.


Guaranteed win in these parts.

We don’t always have the cash for that stuff, though. Five kids cost a lot of money. And so Greg and I try to show each other love in ways that are free. Like little love notes. Messages throughout the day that say, “Hey. I’m thinking about you.” ...  read more

White Lights Lead to Red Lights, Red Lights Indicate the Exit. How to Find Forgiveness in the Dark.

I was all set to post 5 Quick Questions, volume 2 today because volume 1 was FUN. And we’ll get there this week. I promise. We’ll play together and laugh and gag at our computer screens when I tell you about stepping on disembodied mouse heads in the dark. Cross my heart.

But a comment arrived a couple days ago that waylaid me, friends. And it’s important. Essential, really. It’s important because it goes way beyond the Parenting Game and gets right to the heart. Right to soul. Right to core of How We Parent + Who We Are + Being Human + Survival...  read more

When the Mommy War is of My Own Making

I opened her blog and I saw it again. Another statement — an aside, really — explaining why she no longer writes about her children. It was just a quick note to her readers to help them understand the shift in her content, I think. Her babies are getting bigger, you see. And she wants to honor their stories as their own. To respect them and hold their hearts gently. To do everything in her power to protect their sacred space. ...  read more

How to Support Your Favorite Writers

My friend, Amber Dusick of the uber funny, always awesome Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures blog wrote a book.


A whole book!

And I’m going to write more about her book when it’s released in late March.

But Amber’s book got me thinking about ways to support her right now. Before the book is released. And I thought that maybe you would want to know what you can do, too. For Amber, who I’m certain you already love, and for all your favorite writers. ...  read more

UPDATED: How to Clean a Toilet. Or… my toilet brush doesn’t work for crap.

I caught myself muttering in the bathroom the other night as I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the toilet with sadly limited results.

This toilet brush doesn’t work for crap, I mumbled. Which was true and also true.

My toilet needed help. Medication. A special forces team. Euthanasia. Something. Because the toilet brush + gritty cleaning product + pumice stone can only do so much, apparently. And by “only so much” I mean “not close to enough.” ...  read more

Things Fell Through the Cracks. They’re Having Trouble Getting Out.

We’re back from our short vacation, and I’m back to writing this week. AlmostSoon. I hope.

I’m also back to bill paying.

And schedule wrangling.

And message answering.

And fight refereeing.

And band-aid doling.

And tear drying.

And couch snuggling.

And child chauffeuring.

And pick-them-up-late-ing.

And dinner planning.

And mess sighing.

And oh-no-what-have-I-forgottening. ...  read more