5 Quick Questions, vol. 1

I have a friend who has 30 best friends because, as she says, “They’re all best at something different.”

I think she’s onto something.

I’ve been collecting best friends for quite some time now. Some of my friends have to put up with me in person. Anxious me. Confident me. Tongue-tied me. Eloquent me. Weepy me. Stoic me. It’s not always awesome, but they do it because Living Love has little to do with the worthiness of the recipient and everything to do with the generosity of the giver.

Some friends — many of you — do the same thing, living love into this space and my heart, even though we’ve never met in person. Whatever. It’s the 21st century. We can have best friends from all over, even if face-to-face hasn’t happened yet. Thank you, all of you, for enduring, even championing, the whiplash of Both/And Beth.

The trouble is, I often feel like those of you who come here to the blog know me better than I know you, though I recognize many of your names and stories and hearts. Part of it’s just the nature of this forum, and I understand that there are limits. But I don’t like them. They feel… I don’t know… needlessly lopsided. And I’ve decided in many parts of life that doing something is better than doing nothing, even if I can’t do it all. I’ve decided here, in this space, that means pushing into some of the get-to-know-you limits.

So, from time to time, I’m going to ask you a few questions. 5 Quick Questions!

They may be light. They may be deep. But they’re all geared at getting to know you a little bit better. Over time, a lot better. Obviously, answering is up to you. But I hope this gives you a chance to meet each other, too, because this community is AMAZING and encouraging and the world is a better place for having you in it.

Last week I sent my newest BFF, Jacoba of A Yankee Mom in Texas, five questions. Her answers inspired this post, so I’ve copied the same questions here for our first session of 5 Quick Questions. I’m doing this despite the fact that Jacoba called dibs on the Be- Fri- part of the Best Friends necklace and is sticking me with -st -ends. That’s just the kind of Live Love friend I am, folks. The giving kind.

5 Quick Questions

  1. Greek yogurt. Yes or no?
  2. What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read?
  3. Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain.
  4. How do you feel about Texas hair? Yeah, yeah. I know it’s a stereotype, and I’m sorry for perpetuating it, but I can do seriously BIG Texas hair and my skills are totally unappreciated in crunchy Oregon. I need to know whether our friendship is open to full hair expression.
  5. Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was __________________________.


P.S. This happened on Facebook yesterday.

photo (43)

If you want to see the whole story, which includes Jesus tripping me with underwear, click here.


P.P.S. The Greek yogurt? I need to know.


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ABOUT BETH WOOLSEY I'm a writer. And a mess. And mouthy, brave, and strong. I believe we all belong to each other. I believe in the long way 'round. And I believe, always, in grace in the grime and wonder in the wild of a life lived off course from what was, once, a perfectly good plan.
  1. 1. Greek yogurt. Yes or no? Yes, but it makes my stomach feel a little weird. I eat it anyway….’cause it’s good for me. 🙁 Don’t worry…I also eat cake, which evens out the whole “good for you” factor.

    What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read? Fifty Shades of Grey. Riding crop, anyone?

    Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain. I’m just leaving work to pick up the kiddos at school. So I’m a little scared. What will the evening bring?!

    How do you feel about Texas hair? To be totally honest, before this question I had never, EVER considered Texas Hair, nor how I felt about it. Hmmm. I am fine with it. Done.

    Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was….I have 6 year old sons who have terrible aim, and are easily distracted, especially when peeing. So I clean up a lot of pee. I also cleaned up cat barf today, and something that looked like a drain clog that I found on the floor. Yech.

    I really love your blog. It has so much honesty in it that it practically oozes. I thank you for that, and hope that you continue to share with us!

  2. 1. Never had it. Sorry. Not even sure whether they sell that over here! Let’s find out soon 😀
    2. Those romance pocket books (that’s what we call them) in which something or someone is always throbbing. Or breathing heavily. You know the ones. You know you do 😉
    3. At 3 o’clock we (the teachers) always have meetings. Al-ways. Which makes me sad, and frustrated, because there are a million things ( or as some might call them ‘kids’ 😉 ) that need my attention and/or finishing, so trying to stay focused on endless discussions between my colleagues (usually the men by the way) on how many times you should warn a teenager before putting your money where your mouth is, is a serious waste of my time…
    4. Texas hair? Sounds okay to me, not sure my hair can be that voluminous though… We’re talking Reba-old-style, right? I say, have at it, girlfriend!
    5. The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was about an hour ago. It involved a baby, a diaper that apparently wasn’t closed properly and a husband who was busy folding laundry (you can see why I left him in peace, right? 😉 )

  3. 1) Definitely, with honey. (we are talking about eating the stuff aren’t we? or are we talking about other uses?)
    2) The belly melt diet. Why do I do these things? I blame kindle -one click and its there without even have to endure the embarrassment of buying it in a shop
    3) The most awful time of the week. Every other weekday I pick up my littlie from daycare at 3pm – but on tuesdays the evil-ex gets to pick him up, So at 3pm on tuesdays by heart kinda breaks. Every single week.
    4) Texas what??? Forgive me, I’m foreign and I have no idea what you’re talking about
    5) …merely moments ago. And unidentifiable.

  4. Love this idea!!
    1. Greek yogurt – wish I could love it b/c I understand how healthy it is. Too slimy for me, so gross.
    2.I’ve read lots of books (not 50 Shades) but I don’t think I’m embarrassed about them. Yes, I’ve read JFic and love them, and yes, I’ve read beach reads and am fine with that. Ok, I’ve read a bunch of One for the Money books and if you MUST know I read People magazine but only when it’s an emergency, or a holiday, or I’m traveling. So there.
    3. Tues 3 – Both kids are getting off of the bus. Am I supposed to say that’s the best part of my day. At that point I’m hoping I’ve accomplished something b/c if I haven’t, all bets are off.
    4. I have 2 besties that are Texans, though neither of them have big hair. I’m open but I’m also such a born and bread New Englander that I’ve just never really fussed with hair.
    5.Wet diapers and wet snot are just routine in these parts.

    Did I pass? The competitive part of me wants to make sure I made the cut!

  5. 1. Yes, but not usually. I eat Trader Joe’s lowfat (plain) yogurt with a little fruit for lunch every work day. And now I like it plain, BFF Jessica Fletcher.
    2. I once read a James Patterson book. And I was on the waiting list for a Nicholas Sparks book, but then I saw the movie and gagged and cancelled. I am so ashamed.
    3.Stuck on my bum at my desk entering invoices into Quickbooks. Usually nodding off a bit.
    4. I live in NJ. NJ hair is also big, although as I’m not FROM NJ, mine is not.
    5.This morning before work. Not as nefarious as it sounds. My son’s Claritin was knocked over. But if I HAD ventured to wipe up the bathroom before work, the answer would have been the same.

  6. 1. YES! Fage is the best, best, best! Smooth, no grit, no pungent smell or taste. If you do the plain flavor put honey and cinnamon in it. Yum.
    2. How to be Single. Yes a novel, not a how-to book. Racy/risque? Yes. Didn’t share it with the rest of the women in my family. :-0
    3. Tuesdays 3pm still at work with 3 hrs left. ER is starting to ramp up and the 7 ICU floors are starting their afternoon rounds so look out it’s all about to hit!
    4. I can do BIG Texas hair. Finally moved to the South (Nashville) a year ago from Idaho just so I could fit in somewhere. My nickname down here has been Big Hair Sar.
    5. Wet stuff… that’s easy. Mucus! Not mine. From a patients trach on my gloved hands, but also down my uncovered forearm. Also a large amount traveling down the patient’s chest. Too much??? So gross.

  7. 1. No, I’ve tried but I can’t:(
    2. Nothing, I’ll read anything and everything. My particular favorites are children’s and young adult fiction
    3. Littlest is asleep, middle and I are usually baking or crafting while waiting for biggest to get home from school.
    4. Rocked the really high crunchy sprayed bangs in jr. High;)
    5. A bucket of pee care of the youngest who is potty training. He left it for me right next to the potty chair.

  8. 1. No. Tried it, but already have dairy issues and it just didn’t work. Now Ben and Jerry’s??? No problemo whatsoever 🙂
    2. Can’t remember being embarrassed, but did just finish a book I didn’t pass on to my 30+ daughter cuz I thought there were too many risque parts (which I speed read, of course!!!)
    3. Tuesdays at 3. Ahhhhh lovely time of day. Both kiddos still at home have after school activities–so extra time for coffee, pastry and chat with my best friend living with me :). Love Tuesdays at 3
    4. Texas hair–been there,, lived there, and it didn’t compare to my sister’s Virginia hair. I have thick, voluminous, curly hair but I couldn’t stack it like hers. Now even tho I’ve been in OR for years–my TX hair still wants to bet BIG–it’s the humidity, I tell you!!! I used a roller brush, curling iron, AND hair spray and it STILL gets big!
    5. An um about the wet stuff,. Well, you see, there was a cup of hot chocolate on the coffee table, and somehow—I DON’T KNOW HOW–when I was scooting over a monitor to get my laptop on said coffee table–I “might” just have accidentally knocked said cup of hot chocolate onto the old hard wood floor. But since there was no one here but me…. no proof, right????? (This is where having a pet is quite usefull—Here…. come lick this up.)

  9. Greek yogurt. Yes or no? — Yes! Its a great breakfast. I love voskos yogurt with the attached granola. It makes you feel like you actually ate something. Plus the pain stuff can be used in all kinds of things such as the souflees I’m going to make on valentines day for my hubby and I.

    What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read? — I read a lot of free book on my kindle that I don’t not like… they’re usually crappy romance novels but I read them while I workout so I just need something to keep my mind off my body.

    Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain.– This tuesday at 3 I’ll be home celebrating my completing my Comprehensive Exams (kinda like the bar exam but for my PhD program). Usually, sitting in my office reading school work or experimenting on babies.

    How do you feel about Texas hair? Yeah, yeah. I know it’s a stereotype, and I’m sorry for perpetuating it, but I can do seriously BIG Texas hair and my skills are totally unappreciated in crunchy Oregon. I need to know whether our friendship is open to full hair expression. — Never understood big hair because I have fine straight hair, but I’m cool with it.

    Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was — a little dog puke when I came home this afternoon. It was pretty dry by the time I got to it, but I’m trying not to think about it.

  10. 1. it’s not necessary, but once in awhile.
    2. I know there are some but I can never remember what books I read once I’m done, so I’m drawing a blank!
    3. Tues 3pm: in the energy slump of the day at work, looking for some chai to power through til 5pm and home time!
    4. Big hair? Wear it however you feel good. I’ll do the same. I went to a Mennonite HS and in those days the fad was to “puff” the front of the hair in front of the veil… the bigger the better! So I can relate to the impulse.
    5. Um, yesterday only because no one leaked before I left the house this morning, and it would be a puddle from the toddler and a hairball from the cat.

  11. Yogurt: Just had some Fage w/ blueberry on the side. Yum.
    Book: Probably some cheesy romance. Don’t read those often, but sometimes they’re necessary.
    Tue 3:00: Trying to fight the sleepy’s at work.
    TX Hair: I am Texan….with really flat hair. I try to make it big, but it’s just not, no matter how much I try.
    The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was this morning. 3 yr old w/ a stomach bug. ER visit yesterday left us with veins full of fluid and an Rx for nausea. Still sick today, though. 🙁
    Thanks Beth!!

    1. Why is everyone so ashamed about reading Twilight? It’s like a lollypop. Kids love them, but adults like the occasional lollypop, right?! Keep on reading, sisters!

  12. 5 Quick Questions
    Greek yogurt. Yes or no? Yes, I’ve even tried to make my own in the crockpot. Won’t try that again any time soon. Scorched milk just isn’t my thing. 😉
    What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read? I read almost all of the Traveling pants series in one week. I’m pretty sure the librarian looked at me funny. I used to manage a bookstore, and now that I’m a mom, reading time is hard to come by.
    Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain. My only free afternoon. Usually spent trying to get the two littles down for a nap, and the older one interested in something so I can get some online school done.
    How do you feel about Texas hair? I’m not sure I completely get the question. Are we talking “Dolly Parton/Beauty Queens”, that sort of big hair? Or just “Wow, she actually had time to wash, dry, AND style her hair today?” Any time someone spends time on their hair, I’m impressed. I’m still trying to find a style that doesn’t require a cut every two weeks and/or makes me look like a hipie.
    Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was: Last week. Potty training, need I say more. But we are past that now! A whole week with dry beds too! (Angels singing in the back ground here!)

  13. 1. yes, but I’ve never tried plain. I probably should though.

    2. Remember that show on ABC last year, “GCB”? There’s a book that it’s based on. I’ve read it. But I haven’t seen the show.

    3. Tuesdays at 3pm is recovery from naptime. This means I get to snuggle with my almost 2 year old while she watches Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

    4. Love big TX hair!

    5. This morning. The toilet. ‘Nuff said.

  14. 1) I have food texture issues (don’t get me started on Jell-o or creamy peanut butter….), so I am with you, Natalie. I can do regular yogurt in small amounts, even better if I add slivered almonds.
    2) Read all the Twilight books– because my 11-year-old daughter wanted to read them, so I felt compelled to pre-read for approval. Bella just irritates the heck out of me.
    3) Chocolate break.
    4) Love, love, love Texas hair. I have flat limp English-Irish heritage hair. Used to get tortuous spiral perms in the 80s. Would do it all again, too.
    5) Two weeks ago, 11 year old (who never ended up reading Twilight, even with my blessing) with a vicious stomach virus. “I think I hit the bean bag chair with that one, Mom. Sorry.”

  15. Love this.

    1. YES. I adore it. Creamy and delicious AND healthy? Bring it.

    2. I’m with Natalie–I’m a little embarrassed that I read the Hunger Games trilogy straight through in six days, especially considering I have a toddler and a full time job.

    3. Winding down my work persona and gearing up for toddler time.

    4. Sorry, I’m an au naturel kind of girl…but I enjoy all forms of entertaining self-expression!

    5. Every day of my life. Did I mention I have a toddler? And two big dogs?

  16. 1). Yes, the Greek God brand with all the squiggly lines on the container. In honey!!!

    2). Any historical romance novel I can get my hands on, even the old 80s ones with Fabio on the cover. I’ve got to have some kind of escape, right? I’ll cook dinner eventually!!!

    3). I have picked up kids and am either trying to drag out of them what they did that day or refereeing an argument between them.

    4). I live in Georgia and I imagine we are a close second. But my hair could never do it, no matter what I put in it or how long I teased it.

    5). I have a 7 mo old. ‘Nuff said.

  17. Oooo so fun! I like it…
    1) Yes yes yes! Especially (or specifically) if it’s Zoi brand Honey…it’s practically dessert!
    2) When I was a sophomore in high school I read a book about a medical examiner student called ‘Body Bags’ by Christopher Golden. I got totally fascinated with it and considered going into that field…now I understand my love of crime-drama tv.
    3) Right now my 3 o’clock Tuesday consists of picking up my 15-year-old brother from school and taking him to get allergy shots…glamorous I know!
    4) I am all about Texas Hair! I know what you mean though about Oregon…but I will say, when I get it how I like it, even the crunchies go “Wow!” 🙂 [as a side note: I just discovered and became obsessed with texturizing powder. It helps make my ‘do last the next day without getting too greased out (because my life is now lacking in showers)…however, the other night my husband asked me why I put stuff in my hair to make it feel like dirt. Awesome.]
    5) The last time I had to clean up something wet that was not mine (or my baby’s diaper) was my husband’s dribblings from the juicer.

    PS-I just had to google to find the book’s name and found out there’s a few more in the series that I never read…hmmm

    1. Speaking of texturizing powder, have you tried Suave’s Dry Shampoo?? $2.99 per bottle. Does the same thing at the lowest price I’ve found.

      P.S. My spell check wants to change “texturizing” to “unappetizing” … pretty sure your husband is sabotaging my spell check.

      1. Oh I haven’t tried that one but I think I will. I just ran out of my Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo, and I’m pretty sure my husband would prefer the $2.99 price point! Thanks for the tip.

        PS-My husband would do that, haha!

  18. 1) Sometimes I can handle it but it mostly seems just a bit too thick for my likings.

    2)The only book that comes to mind is the Hunger Games Trilogy…mostly because it’s from the juvenile section but let’s face it I’m a bit juvenile!

    3) Picking up kids from school and watering them!

    4) I’m a bit of an expert on Texas big hair for two reasons. First, I was born and raised and still reside in Texas. Secondly, I have thick, wavy hair which lends itself easily to large and fluffy. Many times I try to tame the mane with a flat iron and after a walk outdoors I’m in full big hair swing. My hair is growing out after being short for several years and I’m struggling to figure out what to do with it…besides the ponytail gig. I used to laugh at the older women whose hairstyles hadn’t changed in 20 + years. I think I’m her now! If only big hair were in style!

    5) Question might be better answered: The last time I wasn’t cleaning up something wet was 7.5 years before my firstborn arrived!

  19. Greek yogurt. Yes or no? …no, only because i haven’t found one i like yet. i’m not opposed to trying new.

    What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read? hmm, not really embarrassed about anything i’ve read. i HAVEN’T read 50 shades. i might be the only one who’s not interested.

    Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain. sitting at my desk at work. designing something, working on event materials, managing social media, replying to emails, catching up on blogs, pinterest…

    How do you feel about Texas hair? the higher the hair, the closer to god. LOVE me some volume!

    Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was when a friend tried to use our water dispenser on our fridge and it went all over the floor instead of into her cup (it’s semi confusing…)

  20. 1. Yes. Athenos, because I am really hoping to see John Stamos with every bite.
    2. I admit I read the 50 Shades books. The jucy parts aren’t as embarrassing as the fact that I put up with that bad writing for 3 books.
    3. Picking my kids from school or sleeping. Or both.
    4. I can dig it. I like your hair so..
    5. I, too, have 5 kids, when am I not cleaning someones wet mess. It doesn’t help that one of them is only 8 weeks old.
    *Bonus. Yeah you. This is my first time commenting on your blog, on any blog. What can I say, I love a good survey/questionnaire. Oh, and your blog is pretty hilarious. It’s fun. And everyone could use more fun in their lives. So thank you.

    1. Totally meant Oikos. No wonder John isn’t showing.

      1. Welcome to commenting, Cassie! So glad to have you!

  21. 1. Greek yogurt. Yes or no?
    ABSOLUTELY! Chobani (pomogranate!!) and Oikos (caramel) are so good, and Fage tastes just like sour cream so I put it on nachos and stuff!

    2. What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read?
    Not ashamed of any I don’t think, because if I don’t get into it by pg. 25 I give up! Favorite of all time- Redeeming Love, Francine Rivers

    3. Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain.
    Boys are napping, and I am fighting hard to either be doing homework or working as a counselor at my internship.

    4. How do you feel about Texas hair?
    I am from TX, and I have fluffy hair. I was too young in the 80’s to really appreciate it, but really, anything goes as long as it isn’t paired with bright blue eyeliner!

    Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was 5 min ago, in my 1 yr old’s diaper.

  22. Haha, these are great!

    Greek yogurt: YES. But not plain. Who’s eating and enjoying plain yogurt? I like to get vanilla and then mix stuff in (like chocolate chips and peanut butter).
    Embarrassing Book: Hmmm…I don’t embarrass easily, and while I read Twilight, I HATED it, so that doesn’t count. I liked Stephen King’s JFK book, he’s not super high-brow so I’ll go with that.
    Tuesdays: Usually getting ready to leave my classroom, already debating on whether or not to go to boot camp, but excited to put on stretchy workout pants right when I get home, so I usually go.
    Texas hair: I couldn’t have big hair if I tried, so I guess I feel…fascinated? And confused about how people’s hair can do that. I have very little hair, and it’s fine so big hair is beyond me.
    Wet but not mine: Ew. Um…no pets or kids. I cleaned the fiances toothpaste out of the sink last night. Boring.

  23. Greek yogurt. Yes or no?
    yes. I’m a cat and I don’t discriminate when there’s dairy to be had.

    What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read?
    I don’t read but it’s my mission in life to get in my human’s way when she’s reading.

    Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain.
    Yawn. Stretch. Lie on something important.

    How do you feel about Texas hair?
    Can I lick it?

    Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was Oh Yum! My sister cat lost her mouse and I ate it. It was good.

  24. 1. Chobani is pretty good- I like the black cherry flavor… I’ve been having problems with a lack of appetite lately, so food might or might not sound good at any given moment.
    2. I read all the 50 Shades. Not totally embarrassed to have read them, but my ears were a little red 🙂
    3. I have packed up my computer and purse and they are stashed in my car (I’m a preschool director). I’m waiting for daycare to drop off my 2 year old and all the stuff has to be done so we can stick with our schedule and get the Kinder picked up on time.
    4. I have no feelings either way… I just remember growing up and spraying/gelling the bangs after curling and teasing…..
    5. Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was last night. I poured the 2 year old’s milk into a cup meant for the Kinder… oops. I had to pour it back into the carton and I spilled a bit. Eh. Life happens. 🙂

  25. Cuz I just Gotta!!!!

    1) I actually don’t think I’ve tried it… but I’d be willing to!
    2) I’ve read about everything I can get my hands of, and can’t say any of it embarrased me. Not to say I haven’t read some pretty…. interesting things! Just immune to embarrassment I guess.
    3) Tuesday, 3 o’clock…. My one night of the week with no after work activities, an hour and a half until quitting time…. MORE COFFEE, FAST FORWARD, GET ME MY LITTLES AND HUNNY AND MY SNUGGLES, STAT! ^_^ I REALLY like Tuesday’s right now! (Subject to change when Little League starts up!)
    4)I was born in the ’80s, my mom’s pony tail is like five inches around, and I was Dolly Parton one year for Halloween. Is there any other way than “BIG”? (And then there’s me who’s pony tail MIGHT measure an inch…. But I can ADMIRE Big!)
    5) I love the man so much I went back to diaper days to be Mom to his littles…. I’ll clean up wet everyday (Until potty training takes affect!)

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