5 Quick Questions, vol. 1

I have a friend who has 30 best friends because, as she says, “They’re all best at something different.”

I think she’s onto something.

I’ve been collecting best friends for quite some time now. Some of my friends have to put up with me in person. Anxious me. Confident me. Tongue-tied me. Eloquent me. Weepy me. Stoic me. It’s not always awesome, but they do it because Living Love has little to do with the worthiness of the recipient and everything to do with the generosity of the giver.

Some friends — many of you — do the same thing, living love into this space and my heart, even though we’ve never met in person. Whatever. It’s the 21st century. We can have best friends from all over, even if face-to-face hasn’t happened yet. Thank you, all of you, for enduring, even championing, the whiplash of Both/And Beth.

The trouble is, I often feel like those of you who come here to the blog know me better than I know you, though I recognize many of your names and stories and hearts. Part of it’s just the nature of this forum, and I understand that there are limits. But I don’t like them. They feel… I don’t know… needlessly lopsided. And I’ve decided in many parts of life that doing something is better than doing nothing, even if I can’t do it all. I’ve decided here, in this space, that means pushing into some of the get-to-know-you limits.

So, from time to time, I’m going to ask you a few questions. 5 Quick Questions!

They may be light. They may be deep. But they’re all geared at getting to know you a little bit better. Over time, a lot better. Obviously, answering is up to you. But I hope this gives you a chance to meet each other, too, because this community is AMAZING and encouraging and the world is a better place for having you in it.

Last week I sent my newest BFF, Jacoba of A Yankee Mom in Texas, five questions. Her answers inspired this post, so I’ve copied the same questions here for our first session of 5 Quick Questions. I’m doing this despite the fact that Jacoba called dibs on the Be- Fri- part of the Best Friends necklace and is sticking me with -st -ends. That’s just the kind of Live Love friend I am, folks. The giving kind.

5 Quick Questions

  1. Greek yogurt. Yes or no?
  2. What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read?
  3. Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Explain.
  4. How do you feel about Texas hair? Yeah, yeah. I know it’s a stereotype, and I’m sorry for perpetuating it, but I can do seriously BIG Texas hair and my skills are totally unappreciated in crunchy Oregon. I need to know whether our friendship is open to full hair expression.
  5. Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was __________________________.


P.S. This happened on Facebook yesterday.

photo (43)

If you want to see the whole story, which includes Jesus tripping me with underwear, click here.


P.P.S. The Greek yogurt? I need to know.


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125 responses to “5 Quick Questions, vol. 1”

  1. 1. Greek yoghurt – eewww! I know it’s supposed to be good for you but I just can’t bring myself to eat anymore.

    2. I read really cheap trashy romances on the sly. My husband doesn’t even know about my secret stash.

    3. Tuesdays 3:00pm – usually I’m prying myself (and my children) away from my girlfriends (and their children) so that we can go pick my husband up from work. Some Tuesdays he is picked up a lot later than others.

    4. Texas hair – I had to google it to figure out what it was and have decided I love it! If you’re ever in Australia you can come do my hair anytime.

    5. The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was about 10 minutes ago when I had to clean my youngest daughter’s nose. She has a cold and copious amounts of slimy green boogers have been a large part of my day!

  2. ooh, I love these, can I reply too? I have been reading your blog for a few months, but have never dared to actually comment. Does that make me a creepy stalker?

    Greek yogurt. God YES!

    What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read? Just one? I have a looong list. But let’s just stick to Fifty Shades of Grey. I read all three of them. I should probably wash my brain with bleach.

    Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. Still at work to 4pm, just enjoying the last hour of being “me” and not “MAMMAAA” (Mamma being Norwegian for mum). Hubby is the one picking up the kids in the afternoon, I’m responible for the mornings.

    How do you feel about Texas hair? Any hair, no hair, weird hair, doesn’t matter really. But no Texas hair on my head, I’d look insane.

    Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was: chocolate milk on the kitchen table. Seriously, I’m just so happy there are no pee incidents any more, I’ll take chocolate milk any time.

  3. 1. YES. And no. Lemme ‘splain: Greek yogurt is awesome, rich, yummy, high fat (which means lots of yummy and actually less overeating on my part because I’m satisfied faster), creamy, awesomeness in a container. But my intestines recently decided they are lactose intolerant. So, so sad. Goodbye, lovely yummy rich creamy delicious Greek yogurt.
    2. Every John Grisham novel.
    3. In which I fail at not yelling, only half an hour after my kids get home from school.
    4. Texas hair is weirdly plastic.
    5. The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was my 2 year old’s pee on one of the dining room chairs. Five minutes ago.

    • OK, let’s talk. I’ve read a LOT of Grisham’s novels, but The Chamber killed me dead. Oh dear Jesus in Heaven THE CHAMBER. That is the book I threw across the room when I was done reading it because Mr. Grisham did a brilliant job painting the no-win situation that is death row… I mean, BRILLIANT. Damn him. And I’ve read few of his books since because that level of emotional involvement = NOT GOOD, BETH.

      P.S. I read that book approximately 17 years ago, and I’m still reacting this way. I’m broken.

  4. Greek yogurt. Yes! Yes!

    What’s one book you liked that you’re at least a little embarrassed you read? The Mysterious Benedict Society

    Tuesdays. 3 o’clock. I usually have approximately 6 children, rather than the normal 3, and they are all going to ask for a snack soon so I’m getting one ready. This started as a time to have a friend or two over for my youngest (now 7) and has become a time when my olders & my friend’s olders can also join the fun IF they are caught up on school work & chores. Sure it’s noisy, but it’s lots of fun too. And since they are all engaged, I can sometimes sneak in a bit of relax for me, too. 🙂

    How do you feel about Texas hair? Go for it – and help me build some bigness while you’re at it!

    Fill in the blank: The last time I had to clean up something wet but not mine was ….. a coke spilled on the floor while watching Carmen with my daughters. That music can get intense, you know.

  5. 1. No
    2. It was a romantic mystery novel that my mil and sil liked.
    3. chores: dishes, laundry. Maybe some reading or unfinished lessons.
    4. Texas hair is great!!!
    5. yesterday

  6. No dairy here. No yogurt either: texture issues.

    I read constantly. I can’t think of anything I am embarrassed to admit to reading.

    At three p.m. in Tuesday’s, I am despairing of the fact that my 1 yo always wants to nurse and nap right before we have to leave the house to pick up the kids from school.

    I long for not big hair. My hair has enough curl to frizz but not enough to look good. Not a fan of big hair on me but I acknowledge it works for some people.

    Last wet thing I cleaned up was rice milk spilt at the dinner table. For some reason, none of my kids whether 5 or almost 13 can pour milk for meals without spilling it.

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