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5 Quick Questions, vol. 2

It’s been two weeks since our first volume of 5 Quick Questions, and I love (LOVE) getting to know you better. To those of you who took the opportunity to delurk, it’s so very nice to meet you! And to those of you who’ve been around a while, messing around in this space and putting your feet on the furniture? You’re always rad.

As an important follow-up to the last 5 questions, I’d like to say… Greek yogurt? I’m trying. I swear. Also, you folks are, as a whole, not easily embarrassed about your reading material and unreasonably encouraging of all kinds of hair expression. Your wild disregard for shame and acceptance of differences explain a lot about why you’re here. You make me happy.

Here are the next set of questions:

5 Quick Questions
a fill-in-the-blank exercise

  1. My fridge is the place where _______________ goes to die.
  2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on ________________.
  3. I’m from ____________. We’re known for ______________. This makes me feel ____________.
  4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is ________________. (Links and/or recipe-sharing encouraged.)
  5. Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is ___________________. (If you don’t have Ben & Jerry’s where you live, please share what you eat that’s frozen, sweet and should make us all jealous.)

These questions were inspired by many of your comments from the last volume of 5 Quick Questions, including Amy of Psych in the Kitchen, Cindy, Kate, MelissaG, Laura Brown, and Ellen of New Life Old Farm.

My answers:

  1. My fridge is the place where tortillas go to die. This is weird, I know. Tortillas don’t belong in the fridge. Also, tortillas have an incredibly long shelf life if only we close the bag in a way that they don’t dry out. My kids, however, know neither of these things, and so we have bags and bags of tortillas, wide open, that dry out and then shatter and then scatter their tortilla carcass pieces willy nilly throughout the fridge. As I write this, it strikes me that I could, perhaps, solve this problem. I’ll add it to the list, right after organizing the linen closet.
  2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on a disembodied mouse head. My other foot stepped on its disemboweled guts. Also, “once” isn’t at all sufficient to describe the frequency with which this happened; our cat loved us very, very much and brought us myriad mice bits to express her adoration. Then she scattered them in the hall so we couldn’t miss them on our way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Occasionally, she brought the mice alive on a catch-and-release basis. We called this her vegetarian phase, and it was not better.
  3. I’m from Oregon because I went to college here and I met a man from here and we fell in love and we had a family and we stayed. We’re known for rain. This makes me feel like I should’ve gone to college in the Bahamas.
  4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is balls of meat. Everyone loves them. With five kids, that’s like a miracle wrapped in ground beef. A close second during flu season? Chicken noodle soup.
  5. Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is Chubby Hubby. FYI, this is the right answer to this question. (Heather Bowie, this is your gimme!) If you disagree, I’m gonna need your full ice cream doctrinal position or a statement from your doctor excusing you for peanut allergies.


I can’t wait to read your answers. Ready? Go!


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109 responses to “5 Quick Questions, vol. 2”

  1. This is such a great idea, Beth! I missed out on commenting in the first round, but here are my answers for round #2!

    1) My fridge is the place where leftover sauces go to die. I’ll usually make a double recipe, because, you know, one recipe wouldn’t quite feed all of us . . . but a double recipe is too much. Since we often eat everything the sauce was supposed to go on, it’s hard to use up as leftover, but instead of pouring it down the sink, I’ll put it in a glass jar in the fridge, not wanting to waste it.

    2) I can’t recall anything awful that I’ve stepped on in the dark. But my husband stepped on baby poop and tracked it all over the apartment. He changed the baby’s diaper in the dark and didn’t realize there was poop in it, so the poop got on the floor, where he stepped in it without knowing it . . . so I was on my hands and knees cleaning up poopy footprints for a while. This was after we’d already introduced solids, so, yeah, it was kind of a stinky, yucky job.

    3) I’m from Hawaii. We’re known for aloha spirit and sunshine and breathtaking natural beauty. This makes me feel enormously nostalgic as I sit here in my apartment in Ukraine at the tail-end of winter.

    4) My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is Make-Your-Own Raw Pizzas. This is a fairly new experiment that began as an effort to get my kids to eat fresh spinach. I make flatbread or crackers and put them out with tomato paste (in the winter) or fresh homemade raw marinara sauce (in the summer) and a variety of chopped fresh veggies, shredded fresh spinach, and sliced olives. The kids have a blast building their own “pizzas” and eating all kinds of fresh veggies in the process. I have to admit to a bit of parental subterfuge–there’s no baking or cheese involved (except when I’m feeling exceptionally generous and allow them to use some of our precious Parmesan from the States), so I’m not really sure they qualify as pizzas, but I’m finding that feeding little kids is all about the marketing. I’m sure if I called it Make-Your-Own Salad on Bread it wouldn’t be nearly as popular.

    5) I’m not very familiar with Ben & Jerry’s, but anytime I have a wide selection of ice cream flavors from which to choose, I almost always go for some variety of chocolate mint, if it’s available. Chocolate mint–in any form, ice cream or otherwise–is not available where I live. The most tempting ice cream treat I’ve ever had came from a little crepe restaurant in the small town in France where I used to live. They had the most amazing ice cream sundae. It was called the Iceberg, and it consisted of several generous scoops of green mint ice cream drizzled with creme de menthe liqueur and some kind of chocolate sauce, which I suspect may have been a liqueur as well. Then it was topped with a mound of whipped cream and garnished with tubular wafer cookies. Mmmmm. Amaaaazing.

  2. 1. My refrigerator is the place leftovers go to die. My husband diligently packages up our leftovers after each meal, and then it falls to me to remember they exist in the refrigerator, which rarely happens. Unless it is leftovers from my favorite Japanese hibachi restaurant, or my homemade baked potato soup, in which case I will eat every last morsel.

    2. Once in the middle of the night I stepped in my son’s poop. He had been scared to go down the hallway to use the potty when he was newly potty trained, so the best viable option was to squat right next to the door. Right where mama was about to come running after hearing him cry for me.

    3. I am from Maryland. It makes me think of blue crabs. And makes my toes sore thinking about being pinched by a blue crab. And makes my tummy grumble thinking about eating a steamed blue crab. Crab. Crab. Crab. Yum!

    4. My number one go-to family friendly meal is Parmesan ranch chicken. It is the only meal that my three sons AND husband can agree is delicious! Take chicken breast and coat them in ranch. Pour Panko bread crumbs on top, and sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top. Put a layer of foil in a baking pan, place breaded chicken on top, bake uncovered for 30 minutes at 350. Done. Throw out the foil and your pan is still clean!

    5. My favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor is Peanut Butter Cup. I got addicted to this deliciousness when I was pregnant with my son. I still get a pint at the same time each month. Hmmm….

  3. I would have to say that leftovers and lettuce often die in my fridge! The lettuce just gets gross.

    Once, in the dark, I stepped on a slug. See next line…

    I am from Oregon, we are known for slugs. They are gross! They make me feel slimy. I am also from Tigard, we are known for the Balloon Festival every June. I love hot air balloons.

    My number one go to family meal is either taco night or gluten free pasta. Quick, easy and everyone will eat it.

    Love Ben and Jerry’s. My favorite is Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

  4. 1. My fridge is the place where produce goes to die. I love buying fresh produce because it makes me feel very healthy. But I hate cooking, so I don’t use very much.

    2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on cat vomit from my parents’ cat. Hubby and I have already agreed to no cat. We told our daughter that if she shows some responsibility, then we MIGHT consider a gold fish.

    3. I’m from Pennsylvania. We’re known for potholes that are so large they will eat your car. This makes me feel anger towards the ever incompetent PennDot. We moved to Arizona about 6 months ago and the road quality here is great!

    4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is something I don’t have to cook.

    5. My favorite flavor of icecream is chocolate chip cookie dough.

  5. 1. My fridge is the place where leftovers go to die. Lettuce and mushrooms keep them company. I love lettuce, really, I do.

    2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on a live crab. Oh, this is going to be a long story. As a biology student I spent some month in the Seychelles doing bird research. (Yes, I know, lucky me. It was amazing. We went snorkeling on the coral reef in our lunch break. But I digress). We went around barefoot. At night, there would be crabs everywhere, but they would scuttle away if they heard you coming. But a few times, I crushed one because I was running. And once, one crab stood its ground and pinched my foot. Ow!

    3. I’m from Holland. We’re known for cheese, windmills, tulips, wooden shoes and the Delta Works. Also I hear we are considered rude by people from other countries. I prefer to think of it as outspoken and honest. I don’t know how this makes me feel, but I do love good cheese.

    4. My number one go-to family friendly meal is soup with grilled cheese sandwich. Preferably lentil soup. My son loves it, it has lots of vegetables and it freezes well.

    5. We do have Ben and Jerry’s here but I never have it. Sorry about that. I love all kinds of ice cream, my favourite is homemade strawberry ice cream, or stracciatella. I think I’ll try strawberry stracciatella next time!

  6. My fridge is the place where cucumbers go to die.
    Once, in the dark, I stepped on a used condom (roommates).
    I’m from Philly. We’re known for cheesesteaks. This makes me feel misrepresented since I am a flexiterian who only occasionally eats human, organic meat.
    My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is anything I can fit in a tortilla. Sauteed mushrooms, faux chicken strips, local/free range ground beef, eggs and faux sausage, rice and beans, cheese (quasa!), just fresh veggies…whatever.
    Homemade burnt sugar ice cream is the food of the gods.

  7. 1. Oh my fridge….. Many things die. I echo Beth with her tortillas, and vegetables and leftovers. How/what do we eat you may ask, we survive on food co-op freezer meals. Yes!

    2. More than once in the dark I stepped on a chewed up dog bone with all of its jagged edges; causing me to shout right out loud, rudely awakining my husband. Hurts like crazy!

    3. I am from Newberg, known for Quakers, or wine.. Take your pick. I feel fine about that.

    4. My go to meal is Dutch babies. Or puffed oven pancake. A recipe I have memorized. Turn oven to 400, put dish with 2T butter in oven, meanwhile beat 3 eggs with 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup milk with 1/4 t salt. Remove pan from oven, pour in batter and cook for 20 minutes. We eat it with lemon juice and powdered sugar. Yummmm

    5. I don’t eat Ben and Jerry’s, I do love Bryers and Dinali. I really like coffee flavored Bryers ice cream Which is hard to find, and I rarely buy it because my husband doesn’t like it. And he is the one who generally does the shopping. And when I do I rarely go down the frozen isle. Don’t know why, I just don’t.

  8. 1. My fridge is the place where vegetables go to die. I really wish I could say something like “unhealthy processed foods”, but I can’t. I have no good excuse, except that occasionally I have to take the whole bin out and wash out that vegetable sludge… it’s not something I’m proud of, but at least we also eat vegetables as well.
    2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on the magnet from my son’s Doodle Pro. Seriously, those suckers are worse than legos, and the bruise from that tiny little excuse for a handle lasts for weeks.
    3. I’m from Oregon. We’re known for our rain-forest like weather that makes things lush and green pretty much year-round. This makes me feel grateful for the beautiful scenery, and occasionally pretty mad at the rain when it messes up plans.
    *My husband really wanted my answer to be: I’m from Alaska. We’re known for igloos and Eskimos. This makes me sad because everybody always asks me if I’m an Eskimo even though I’m clearly the whitest girl you’ll ever know.* I chose not to use his because I’ve lived in Oregon longer.
    4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is pancakes. I don’t even make them… my husband does. And he doesn’t have a real recipe, and they are not fluffy pancakes, but more like dense crepes. We all love them, though. 🙂
    5. Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is New York Super Fudge Chunk. If I eat ice cream, it has to have chocolate, and fudge/brownie makes it that much better.

  9. 1.My fridge is the place where my husband’s half-full thermos of milk goes to die.
    2.Once, in the dark, I stepped on my son’s poopy diaper.
    3.I’m currently from Rexburg Idaho. We’re known for snow, and Mormon college students. This makes me feel pretty good since I love snow and I’m married to a Mormon college student. Previously I lived in The Dalles Oregon. It’s known for cherries and having The in it’s title. I feel pretty good about that too because I love cherries and that’s where I met my Mormon college student while he was on break.
    4.My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is: I have several. Stirfry, soup or stew with dumplings, and soft tacos are a few. I get bored cooking the same thing too often. (Links and/or recipe-sharing encouraged.)
    5.Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is. (If you don’t have Ben & Jerry’s where you live, please share what you eat that’s frozen, sweet and should make us all jealous.) Umpqua marionberry pie. Super good vanilla ice-cream with marionberry pie swirled in. And not some lazy man’s marionberry sauce swirl with little round pie-crust bits that weren’t cooked properly. REAL PIES!!

  10. My fridge is the place where _____leftovers__________ go to die. I have 4 kids, 3 of them boys. Some day I will have just enough food. Someday I may not even have enough food. But I need to stop cooking like they are already big hairy mens.

    Once, in the dark, I stepped on dog poop. Between my toes. There is really no delightful answer to this question, is there?

    I’m from: Boston. We’re known for: our stupid accents. This makes me feel: at home when I am with others who sound like me and downright ridiculous, stupid, trashy, when I’m with people not from here or who have found their R’s and use them regularly.

    My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is: tacos. From the box. I cook real food, honestly. That’s the stuff the kids hate. Fish, veggies, stir fries (frys?), soups, healthy home cooked food. So once in a while, I make everyone happy and just do tacos. My ears are happy, it’s quick. There ARE veggies. Everyone eats and I make something awful like salmon the next day.

    Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is: I don’t know! I’m sorry! I’m too cheap to buy Ben and Jerry’s. We have it here, I just never get it. I do like peppermint stick ice cream. Jealous? I didn’t think so. (If you don’t have Ben & Jerry’s where you live, please share what you eat that’s frozen, sweet and should make us all jealous.)

  11. 1.My fridge is the place where lettuce/salad mixes go to die. I always intend for us to eat more than one salad a week at dinner, but we always end up just having it with the one meal.

    2.Once, in the dark, I stepped on…like many others, cat puke. Also, toy cars. (With two little boys, these are scattered all over the house.) Gross and Ouch.

    3.I’m from Tucson, Az. (not originally, but came for college, got married and stayed!) We’re known for the desert, HOT summers, cacti, and beautiful winters. This makes me feel sad (for hot summers) and happy (for beautiful winters…especially since I was born and raised in Wichita, KS). (And I’m happy to be from Wichita! It’s similar to Tucson, only without the desert and cacti and 110-degree summers.)

    4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is take-out. Taco Bell or Chinese preferred. Though if we must eat at home, in a pinch I can normally grill chicken breasts (Pampered Chef’s Citrus Basil seasoning), roast red potatoes (with dill seasoning) and sautee green beans (garlic salt seasoning). But…Taco Bell is yummier.

    5. Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is Chunky Monkey. A rare treat! We normally go with whatever’s-on-sale in French Vanilla, and I love it doused in chocolate syrup.

  12. My fridge is the place where stuff goes to die. Oh you name it! Sometimes I’m really good – buy lots of fruits and veggies and eat them all along with any leftovers. Other times, the fridge is just a place to store stuff until garbage day. I try to stay on top of it –I really do!

    Once, in the dark, I stepped on a water meter. OMG! One of my worst injuries ever. It was about 15 years ago. I live in South Florida, so I live barefoot (although, after that injury I learned to wear shoes outside!). I was walking to the neighbors house – barefoot of course – in the dark and someone had taken the lid off the water meter between our houses. I landed in it with my left foot. It sliced the entire ball of my foot off except for a thread of skin (sorry to those of you who are squeamish – I still feel that way when I remember this!). I instinctively slapped my hand over it and started screaming. Husband at the time drove me to the ER. By the time I got there, it had started to coagulate and it looked like a cut. I sat in the ER for 7 hours before they took me in the back, and then the doctor who really looked at it almost had a coronary. Water meters are notoriously dirty. I’ll spare you the details of what they had to do at that point, but the recovery was way more painful than the recovery from my three c-sections combined.

    I’m from Ohio, but have lived in South Florida for the past 38 years. We’re known for buckeyes in Ohio and hurricanes in Florida. This makes me feel nothing. I don’t get my identity from where I live…

    My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is take out. LOL I have a ton of favorites that we make tho – California Rolls, Brown Sugar and Mustard crusted Salmon, stir fry, quesadillas. I’m at work, so don’t have the links for the recipes, but if you tell me which ones you want, I’ll post them from home. I only make easy things for the most part. Your post reminded me that I want to try your balls of meat. Also, my chicken noodle soup the other night was yucky. It smelled fantastic, but guess what? Just because it’s so good with 3 stalks of celery, doesn’t mean it will be great with a whole head of wilted celery. I don’t like celery that much. Bummer!

    Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is phish food. I think that’s Ben & Jerry’s. I don’t generally like ice cream (can we still be friends tho?), but phish food is pretty good when it’s the only sweet around. My favorite sweet is Publix buttercream frosting. I don’t usually care what it’s on, but my daughter suggested asking Dairy Queen to make us a cake with no frosting, and then go buy a pound of Publix frosting and frost it ourselves. I told her no, because I don’t like ice cream that much. LOL Publix frosting and I have had an on again/off again love affair for years. I really need to kick it to the curb. It’s in large part responsible for the massive amount of weight I still am working on losing.

  13. My fridge is the place where iced tea goes to die… I have no idea why. I make a big pitcher of green or black tea with honey and look forward to drinking it but never do, then one day I realize the tea bags are disintegrating and there are many layers of colors that look either unappetizing or dangerous.
    Once, in the dark, I stepped on cat poop (my long-haired cat leaves the box with an extra “tail” at least once a month. 🙁 If anyone hears my husband or I call out “Walter has a tail!”, we are not stating the obvious – it’s a call for kleenex and assistance.). I have also stepped on a centipede.
    I’m from San Francisco. We’re known for a liberal, tree-hugging vibe… and gay people… and Prius drivers… and the Golden Gate… and Rice-A-Roni. This makes me feel happy, minus the Prius drivers (for anyone who has seen the South Park episode ‘Smug’, it’s not that far off). 🙂
    My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is slices of cinnamon chala with provolone and eggs with fruit on the side. I have also been making sloppy joes a lot which is great when I’m too lazy to make hamburgers (I brown the beef, add garlic and pepper and a dash of cayenne, squirt in unmeasured amounts of ketchup and bbq sauce, stir and serve on buns with a slice of cheese. I also sometimes chop up cooked or slightly softened sweet potatoes and mix into the meat to extend the beef or just add more fiber and nutrients).
    Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is just about anything they make, though I really love Phish Food. My husband and I signed up for their mailing list because you can get a free cone or scoop for signing up plus another free one on your birthday. They also don’t spam you with many offers. Free ice cream is the best kind!

  14. WOW!!! Thanks for including me in the whole inspiration thing, I am honored….
    1. Everything goes to die in our frig… (yes, I still have some cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving, pickled figs from 2010 and very yucky home made salsa from another life time. We have resorted to only putting food in the frig in clear bowls, so we can see what is going bad. (Not really helping, but…)

    2.In the dark (inside my house), I have stepped on sleeping children, wet carpet (thanks broken pipes) and dog doo… yes it was gross

    3. I grew up in La Canada, California where we could be sent from our high school gym class to run around the Rose Bowl and come back. I moved to Ellensburg, (yes, my name is Ellen) Washington and we are known for a Rodeo, great hay, a beautiful valley and wind!

    4. My go to family meal is Chicken Adobo – can be in the pot and cooking in 5 minutes flat!!!
    Pot – bag of flash frozen chicken thighs or whatever, just throw some chicken in
    cup water
    cup white vinegar
    cup soy sauce
    couple of bay leafs
    dash of sugar
    dash of garlic*
    Boil, then simmer away – about an hour….serve on rice – even picky eaters eat this…

    *garlic totally not necessary and I don’t put it in as I am allergic to garlic! YES! Life can be tough sometimes.

    5. Starbucks Ice Cream – Double Chocolaty Chunk Frappachino* Ice Cream – Unbelievably de-lish!! My Loving Spouse found it at Grocery Outlet and we’ve appropriately stocked our freezer UP! The Teen has been instructed that this ice cream can only be eaten with Parental Units present (so we can get our fair share of course)
    *Trying to spell check this turned up the word pornographic and while this word is not quite right, it does show that they (the spell checkers in the sky) have had this ice cream…

  15. 1.My fridge is the place where most things go to die. I shop on Sunday with intentions of cooking at home that week, but sadly with a very busy work and grad school schedule for both Hubby and I, we end up eating out more often than cooking whatever is in the fridge. A bad habit we are trying to break.

    2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on the bare floor? I know, lame right!? I don’t have animals in my house for me to step in their sickness, feces, or other ‘presents’, I also don’t have children, so things are generally put away and nothing is left on the floor.

    3. I’m from Colorado originally, but happily transplanted myself to Houston, Texas. Coloradoans are known for skiing, and mountain activities. This generally makes me feel inadequate as even after 24 years of living in CO I have never been skiing, and I don’t really enjoy the mountains or the activities they present. Houston is known for NASA, oil, and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This makes me feel smart, and adventurous.

    4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is either spaghetti or tacos.

    5. We don’t really do Ben & Jerry’s here. In fact the Ben and Jerry’s store went out of business in my area of town. We have Blue Bell and the BEST, I mean the world’s best flavor is Mexican Praline. It is curl your toes, roll your eyes into the back of your head and possibly have visions of unicorns, good!!!

  16. 1.My fridge is the place where nothing really dies. (My fridge is pretty small, (the size of most people’s kitchen trash cans, so things get rotated pretty well).
    2.Once, in the dark, I stepped on a live mouse…eeek!
    3.I’m from Orange County, CA. We’re known for awful shows like “Real Housewives of OC” This makes me feel rather nauseous…
    4.My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is breakfast for dinner! Homemade pancakes, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, and grapefruit. My kids love it!
    5.Best ice cream flavor of all time is mint-n-chip…mmmm!

  17. 1.My fridge is the place where fresh veggies go to die. Once they go into the crisper they never come back!2
    2.Once, in the dark, I stepped on cat, then stumbled into the dog. They are both black and lurke in our bedroom. I can only imagine they saw me coming and thought oh gosh, here we go again-brace for impact.
    3.I’m from Wisconsin We’re known for drinking This makes me feel like an alcoholic (and a drink lol.)
    4.My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is chili.
    5.Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is Coffee Heath bar crunch. The three best things in the world put together: ice cream, coffee, heath bar!

  18. 1.My fridge is the place where leftovers of all kinds go to die. We’re not good leftover eaters, but now that my toddler is old enough to eat regular food less goes to waste because I send it with her for lunch the next day or two. It’s a win-win: I don’t have to eat leftovers OR clean the science project out of the fridge a few weeks later!
    2.Once, in the dark, I stepped on a book. But not just any book–one of those VTech books that sings and talks. And it wasn’t just anywhere. It was next to the little one’s bed. While she was sleeping. I snatched that devil of a toy up with lightning-fast mom-preventing-her-baby-from-waking reflexes, tucked it football style against my body and Heisman’d my way out of the room ASAP.
    3.I’m from Ohio (though I haven’t lived there in years–you can’t take the Buckeye out of the girl). We’re known for THE Ohio State University, Skyline Chili, Cedar Point or being a swing state, depending on who you are. This makes me feel like we either have a lot going for us, or we have an identity crisis.
    4.My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is good, old-fashioned Spaghetti. Sometimes we make our own sauce, add meat or meatballs or use fancy pasta, but it’s always pasta and sauce. Quick, easy, crowd pleaser (you know how hard it is to please a crowd of 3, right?)
    5.Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is Cherry Garcia. Though I have to admit, I’m not very well-versed in Ben & Jerry’s. We have an ice cream shop in town that’s only open seasonally and they make a coconut and chocolate ice cream called Eskimo Kisses that might be my favorite of all time.

  19. My fridge is the place where leftovers________ goes to die.
    Once, in the dark, I stepped on _a wet Pull-Up____________.
    I’m from Jenison, MI (west coast of the state). We’re known for having lots of churches. Some other cool things that happen nearby are Tulip Time and Art Prize This makes me feel happy. I grew up in the Grand Rapids area and can’t imagine living elsewhere.
    My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is Taco Mac ( It makes a ton and my family LOVES it.
    Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.

  20. 1. My fridge is the place where carrots and leek go to die. I plan to use them, I swear, but somehow they always end up dead. Poor things.
    2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on a toy car. And not just once. Or twice.
    3. I’m from Finland. We’re known for depression, high suicide rate and drinking way too much alcohol. This makes me feel somewhat embarrassed.
    4. My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is spaghetti and meatballs OR meatballs & mashed potatoes.
    5. Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is Phish Food or Oh My Apple Pie. We get a very limited B & J’s selection here in Finland, probably ten flavour so, so I’m guessing there are ones I’d love even more but I’ve never had a chance to try them out. 🙂

  21. 1. Leftovers go to die in my fridge. We’re good about eating it the next night, but if we still have leftovers they die. My husband refuses to eat a meal more then twice. Also veggies.

    2. I think dog puke. Our dog loves paper products, toilet paper, tissues, napkins etc. Occasionally he’ll eat some Clorox wipes and that ends up on our floor in the middle of the night. Like a child he comes from wherever he was sleeping into our room to be sick.

    3. I’m from Florida and we’re known for beaches, warm weather, hurricanes, and Disney! I love it, being from Florida is great!

    4. Go to meal is probably pasta or crockpot chicken. My son is 1 and right now eats whatever I put in front of him.

    5. Half baked. Though my true favorite ice cream is going to ColdStone and getting banana ice cream with peanut butter and fudge mixed in. Three best flavors in my opinion!

  22. I enjoyed reading everybody’s comments so much that now I have to leave my own 🙂

    1) What dies in my fridge? Placentas. Three of them to be exact. Technically they are in our freezer, but seriously, why is it the only thing I can find when I am looking for food? And why haven’t I gotten rid of them yet? And when my freezer stopped working this summer that was NOT berry juice dripping all over the floor….
    2) Grossest thing I stepped on in the dark? See question 1
    3) I am from Nampa, ID. It is known for potatoes, a sugar beet factory, and mediocrity. It makes me feel so relieved that I don’t live there anymore!
    4) Family go-to meal? Burritos! (I’ll take your gently used tortillas!)
    5) Okay, sad news, I haven’t been in love with any B&J’s recently. But I am currently obsessed with Tillamook Mudslide!! Mmm, sweet creamy chocolate ice cream blended with a dark chocolate, slightly salty fudge ripple? Heaven in my mouth! (I keep it on the top shelf, away from the, umm, other things in my freezer)

    Thanks for the fun, love everyone here!

  23. My fridge is the place where lettuce goes to die. I keep trying to eat more salad, but… oh well, it’s good for the compost heap.
    Once, in the dark, I stepped on pee. Growing up we had a pet lamb who lived in our kitchen (penned in with child gates). As soon as you stepped over the gate you could be sure you’d step in something. More recently, legos.
    I’m from (just outside) Philadelphia, PA. We’re known for cheese-steak’s. This makes me feel hungry.
    My number one, go-to, family-friendly meal is tacos (without lettuce of course).
    Ben & Jerry’s best ice cream flavor of all time is Cookie Dough. I am not a big fan of ice cream though so don’t buy it unless hubby requests it or I am feeling especially generous towards the kids. (just give me some cookies or brownies and i’m good) I will say though that I invested in an ice cream maker attachment for my kitchen-aid and last summer made the best strawberry ice cream.

  24. 1. My fridge is where chicken stock goes to die. It seems like every recipe I make calls for about 2/3 of a carton of stock. I stick the rest in the fridge with the best of intentions, but last time I cleaned out the fridge, I pitched 4 partial cartons of chicken stock.

    2. Once in the dark, I stepped on my daughter. Apparently, when I tell them I don’t want them to come into my bed at night, I need to establish a wider perimeter. I heard some noises in the hallway, walked out, stepped on Paige, tried not to put my weight on her and nearly tumbled down the stairs. Yes, I nearly died in an effort to keep my kids out of my bed.

    3. I am from the suburbs of Cincinnati. We are known for the Cincinnati Reds, the oldest team in major league baseball. At least that is what I’m thinking about right now. My husband is a huge fan and his birthday is this weekend. I just bought him some tickets!

    4. My number one go-to family meal is tacos. They are quick and easy. My husband doesn’t like them, but the kids gobble them down, so they are the perfect meal for nights he is working late and I am swinging dinner on my own.

    5. I have a horrible weakness for ice cream, so I like most of it. My favorite Ben & Jerry’s is Mint Chocolate Cookie. Combining mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream? Yes, please! As I said, I am from Cincinnati, meaning I have access to the best ice cream in the world– Graeter’s. Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip ice cream is a spoonful of Heaven!!

  25. 1. My fridge is the place where leftovers go to die. I am not a fan of leftovers, unless for some reason they are REALLY good. Not so good the first time, def not eating it leftover. I have to purge the fridge several times a month to find all of my tupperware full of dead food.
    2. Once, in the dark, I stepped on a piece of ice. You know at hotels when you have to go and get ice from the ice machine, even if you don’t plan on doing anything with it. Well, usually there is a couple spread out here and there on the floor, and it is surprising when you find it, in the dark.
    3. I am from Texas, and we are known for big hair. What can I say, I was a child of the 80’s.
    4. My number one family recipe is Pork Posole, although I usually use beef instead of pork, and corn instead of hominy! It is so good with the cornbread cooked on top!!! LOVE it! Don’t forget the towel under the lid after you dollop on the corn bread mix!

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