Daylight Saving Time Kicks Butt

Daylight Saving Time kicks butt.

And whose butt does it kick?

OUR butts, parents.


Our butts.


I originally posted this on Facebook.

In case you don’t hang out with us there, here’s other stuff that happened recently on the Five Kids Facebook page:

  1. Mockery is, too, a love language.
  2. Boogers
  3. We detangle things. Like hair. And life.

People are nice over there. You’re always welcome to join us.


So. Daylight Saving Time. Are you a fan or a foe? I’ve traditionally been a foe, but I’m working on my attitude. (I just rolled my eyes when I typed that. What can I say? It’s a work in progress.)


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15 responses to “Daylight Saving Time Kicks Butt”

  1. I’m not on Facebook so I’ll just have to tell you here that your post on detangling hair is hilarious! I wonder why I never see all those hundreds of red dots on your pictures. It’s all photoshopped I suppose 😉

  2. For years I’ve loved the Fall Back of DST and hated the Spring Forward and losing an hour of sleep in the middle of the school year. This Spring Forward is the first time I’ve not had homework since I was of course an itty-bitty. So right now I’m totally cool with the Daylight Saving Time thing especially since it means there are more light hoursin the evening! 🙂 Yay!

  3. Probably one of the dumber ideas that politics ever spawned. Seriously! Where are all these saved daylight hours? Are they being stored somewhere so that one day when the national debt is due we can buy some extra time? Will someone somewhere in the future be able to turn back time and prevent the end of the world using saved daylight hours? To me DST feels like sending everyone through the 6 fingered man’s torture device.

    My daughter wants to start her own country one day when she’s big. It will not have DST and I will retire there. 🙂

  4. I’ve always found DST to be more of a hassle than it’s worth. But the clock in our bedroom doesn’t keep time (its almost 15 mins fast now) so it’s a good excuse to put it back to the right time twice a year. Or we can get up on time. It’s a toss up.

    Also, I wanted to hug you for properly calling it Daylight Saving Time. My husband tends to lecture people when they put an S on the end of saving. If he reads it somewhere, he lectures me. So thanks for saving me one. 😉

  5. Love the light, hate that I have to lose an hour to get it. BUT since it falls on a Sunday, I try to get an hour nap in to make up for it. Of course, it’s in soccer season, so we have a game, and it would probably be rude to sleep on the sidelines.

    • Update:
      I (mistakenly) thought that it would be GENIUS of me to allow my son to have a sleepover on Sat. night because, hey, it would be one less hour of screaming, eating 10 year old boys, right? My son (the one with the afternoon soccer game) stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG, along with the loudest of the other 3 boys. I woke up several times. My son missed church because he finally conked out. I ended up losing way more than that one hour of sleep. Yeah, kicked my butt hard.

  6. I DETEST daylight savings time!!!

    I guess I never minded it too much until I had kids, and they had so much trouble adjusting twice per year. Then, one day, my watch battery died, during the pack-up phase of an interstate move. I threw the watch in a box, and didn’t see it again (until 2 moves and 5 years later).

    Anyway, I’ve gone without a watch since 2005. An _amazing_ thing happened during the first 6–I became able to estimate the time, to within 15 minutes, at any time of the day! I’ve had a watch since I was a little kid, and had ignored all of my internal cues for decades.

    And then I hit my first DST time change. Folks, let me tell you how truly _painful_ it is to have all of your knowledge of where you are in time and space suddenly yanked out from underneath you. I suddenly felt SO BAD for the kids, who still had a sense of time and had had it jerked around for years. 🙁

    I am NOT looking forward to this weekend’s time change. The worst part? My ex scheduled a flight for 2 of the kids for a custody visit (3 time zones away, on the opposite coast), and bought tickets for 7 am here, which means I have to get all of our droopy-eyed selves out the door by 5 am, which will feel like 4 am. Yuck! The flight was too early for my tastes anyway; to have it on time-change weekend is adding insult to injury.

  7. I have found that I like more light at night, but I hate how we have to get it, and I hate losing the extra light at the end of the year. I say we just stay on it year round! How’s that for a plan!

  8. Arizona doesn’t “celebrate” daylight savings time! So our clocks will stay the same. (Which really doesn’t matter to me, anyway, considering my kids are young and wake up with the sun no matter what TIME it is!) No, apparently Arizona has enough sun to go around, so we do not have to save any……

  9. I think daylight savings time is DUMB.

    One year in the fall say, we should roll the clocks back a half hour and then drop savings time entirely. Split the difference.

    I really don’t like losing an hour of sleep.

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