Tidbits, Miscellany and More!

These are just some tidbits from the week. They’re completely disjointed, not at all related to each other, and somewhat wacky. Welcome to my week. And my brain. (And psst… read to the end, ’cause we have a fun opportunity together!)

1.  Hey! Today is March 15th. Otherwise known as The Ides of March. Or, as I like to call it, Feeling Stabby is Historically Relevant Day. WOOHOO!

2.  My six-year-olds are as tall as my boobs. The under part of my boobs. One of the boys was standing in their shade last night, measuring himself on my body, and I moved abruptly. “Hey!” he hollered. “Watch those things, will ya? That one just hit me in the head, and they look like they could collapse any minute.” Then he walked away, shaking his head and muttering, “Someone’s gonna get hurt.” My friend, Sarah, suggested I buy my boys snorkeling equipment ’til they grow a little taller. Just in case of emergency, she said.

3. My kid’s Individualized Education Plan meeting went swimmingly. I brought a fancy fruit tart from Safeway and splashed fruit tart goo across three desks trying to get it out of the box. It’s OK, though. I felt like it was a good metaphor. Moving beautiful things outside the box is messy. That’s just part of it.

Also, teachers deserve mad props. Yesterday, a teacher from my kid’s younger years showed up on her own time and sat with us all three hours of our meeting. You guys, there are times I fight hard to wear hope, and then there are times that someone just shows up to love extravagantly and without boundaries. That is grace.

4.  Speaking of grace, I met Rachel Held Evans this week. We’ve met online. I guest posted on her blog. But meeting in person? That was new. I invited her over for what I warned was a semi-authentic experience. As in, I washed all of the ketchup off the couch but I didn’t take down my Christmas tree.

photo 4 (25)And then my middle kiddo showed Rachel her room, which is in the upstairs fully authentic part of the house. Later we talked about Jesus and authenticity and vulnerability and love, though, so it all worked out. Also, Rachel is fantastic. And clearly a survivor.

5. The mountain behind my house is on fire.

photo 3 (33)

It’s been burning for more than a week. I tried to figure out what’s burning. I asked all of my friends. No one knows for sure, but current Facebook consensus is zombies or weed. If it’s the latter, then the whole bag of pop chips I just ate makes tons of sense.

6. Speaking of crowd sourcing, I need your help! I just got my advance copy of this in the mail:



Yippee! Devouring it now.

Amber Dusick has agreed to answer our questions in advance of the book‘s release! That’s right. We get our own exclusive interview with Amber right here. I thought it would be way more fun if you help me come up with the questions. SO, if you have a question for Amber, leave it in the comments section. I’ll pick up to three of your questions and add a few of my own and we’ll interview the heck out of her.

In conclusion, it’s been a week. WHEW!

Happy Stabby Day.



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13 responses to “Tidbits, Miscellany and More!”

  1. Beth, you posted a picture of your Christmas tree in March and it made me smile and then it made me cry. I worry so much and try so hard and get SO mad at myself for falling short in a million ways. I see you smiling in front of your Christmas tree and I can’t tell you how my heart swells to the point of almost exploding. I want to hug you. Thank you for being open and vulnerable and for having the confidence to live and have friends over despite the imperfections. I’m afraid to have anyone over. Even my sister who is 13 months younger than me and practically my twin spiritually. I am overwhelmed and can’t keep up and I’m ashamed. But what REALLY matters – what I TRULY value in this life – is doing pretty ok. I have a strong marriage that I put effort into (most days) and four kids who know they are loved. My kids are young and my house is full of activity and I do the best I can, but at the end of the day something has to give, and usually it’s the housework. I’m quick to admit that I am deeply flawed, but saying it and showing it, really opening myself up and letting others see my flaws, well those are two very different things. You sharing this picture with your Christmas tree has moved me and made me feel less alone, more worthy of love just the way I am. Thank you.

  2. Oh my gosh, your tree!?!?!!?!?!?!’bb

    That is the funniest thing I have heard all day!

    Also I can’t believe you got an advance copy of that book- I’m so jealous I don’t even want to comment. But I do have a question for her.

    Is it just me or does everyone feel like they know her/are already kind of best friends with her/borderline stalkish? I mean, she wouldn’t know how other people feel, but I guess I want to know if she gets that vibe off of all her fans.

  3. I LOVE that the Christmas tree is still up! Mine is, too, but by that I mean it’s standing in the garden sans decs, which isn’t quite as much fun. How brilliant to see two of my favourite bloggers in the same photo; I am sure you both had a fantastic time in each other’s company. Great analogy re getting something beautiful outside its box.

    • I’ve just had another look at the tree photo, and I’d like to ask: is it real or artificial? because it still looks as beautifully green as the day you must have erected it, and I’m wondering whether you’ve just been very faithful about watering it, because mine’s now entirely brown (although I have, inexplicably, managed to maintain a poinsettia which I was given before Christmas and which remains fairly luxuriant and healthy-looking). I look forward to your clarification on this matter.

  4. There is seriously no judgment in this question…ok….maybe a little….but do you seriously still have your Christmas tree up?? That’s awesome in a pathetic sort of awesome way. Have a great week! Love reading your blog.

  5. Yeah, what is burning up there? It’s been burning for days and days and days. My daughter says somebody is barbecuing. If she’s right, they must have quite the feast! That, or that person needs barbecue lessons. BADLY!

  6. Question for Amber: how do you keep your drawings consistently crappy? Do you ever find them edging closer to good or amazing and have to crappify them?

  7. Suddenly I feel great about my week!!…..lol…..to end my super week I made my children a milkshake….the kicker was I added 4 carrots, 1 beet, (and some frozen raspberries and strawberries so I wouldn’t be lying to them). It…was…BEAUTIFUL! The color was fabulous and they scarfed it down like it was…well..a milkshake:) I love being the Mom!

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