5 Quick Questions, vol. 3

It’s time for a new edition of 5 Quick Questions.

This is my opportunity to get to know you better, and one of my favorite new things we do here. To those of you who used the last two volumes to delurk, it’s so very nice to meet you! And to those of you who’ve been around a while, messing around in this space and putting your feet on the furniture? You’re always rad. Thank you.

Here are your questions for today.

5 Quick Questions:
the Sun-is-Shining-in-Oregon-So-I’m-Feeling-Like-a-Goof Edition

In priority order…

  1. What is your family booger rule? Also, is it actually enforceable? If so, how? 
  2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? The why part is critical here. I want to know how you’re going to use it. I mean, sure, we all want to fly, but would we really give up the chance at mind control just to soar over the earth from time to time? No. Probably not. Let’s be realistic here.
  3. Which is better, “Just Say No” (Nancy Reagan) or “Just Do It” (Nike)? No fair saying this is an apples and oranges question. Just go with your gut. (“Just go with your gut.” Beth Woolsey)
  4. If you had to pick between kids eating their vegetables or kids sleeping through the night, which would it be?
  5. Beauty, brains, brawn or brownies. Pick two.

Here are my answers:

  1. Boogers: Our booger rule is Pick ‘Em in Private. Seriously, kids, everyone picks. It’s just important if you want to date anyone ever to do it in secret. We call this situational awareness. And no, it’s apparently totally unenforceable.
  2. Super Power: When the Super Power Genie comes to my house, I’m picking Transportation. Not, like, a new minivan. I’m thinking Star Trek. The ability to instantly transport myself from where I am to where I want to be. Sure, this will make international travel a snap (I’m going to get the Luxury Edition with the option to bring others with me by simply linking arms), but mostly I intend to use this to go downstairs at 11 every night to get my book which I can never remember to bring to bed with me.
  3. Just Say No or Just Do It? Just Do It! I’ve always been terrible at Just Say No. Turns out it was a good thing I was never socially aware enough to get invited to the drug parties.
  4. Vegetable-Eaters or Sleepers? Sleepers. Doy. I mean, how bad can scurvy really be? What’s that? Deadly, you say? Crap. This is a really hard question. Who came up with this anyway?
  5. Beauty, Brains, Brawn or Brownies: I piiccckkkk…. brains and beauty. No. Ha! I can just say no. Except not to brownies. So I pick brains and brownies, instead. Actually, how ’bout beauty and brownies? ‘Cause will I even know if I’m missing brains? Probably not. I feel like I’m outsmarting the system. Which is ironic, really, since I’m giving up brains.

Alright, folks! I showed you mine. Can’t wait to see yours!


ABOUT BETH WOOLSEY I'm a writer. And a mess. And mouthy, brave, and strong. I believe we all belong to each other. I believe in the long way 'round. And I believe, always, in grace in the grime and wonder in the wild of a life lived off course from what was, once, a perfectly good plan.
  1. 1. Boogers: I tell the kids not to do it, and they ignore me.
    2. Superpower: Teleportation, because then I could see my out-of-state family. If something is too heavy for me to lift, someone else can lift it. Turning invisible would just make my kids scream louder when they couldn’t find me. And flying would probably just give me vertigo. Teleportation, on the other hand, has no end to the things it could be good for.
    3. Just Do It. The pile of things I have NOT gotten done is a lot bigger than the pile of things I’ve mistakenly done.
    4. Sleep over veggies, all the way. What they can’t get from fruit and multivitamins probably wasn’t that important anyhow.
    5. Brains, and… it’s a toss-up between brawn and brownies. If I had to pick for real, I’d probably go with brawn, but there’s a lot of days when brownies are by far the more attractive choice.

  2. Oh, yes. Turning your answers into a booger rule chart? SO GOING TO HAPPEN.

  3. 1. First of all, I am going to throw snot in with boogers in order to give a more complete answer. Rule #1 – YOU MUST TELL MOMMY IS THERE IS A BOOGER IN HER NOSE IN PUBLIC. Don’t TELL me in public, but before we are in public. Rule #2 – No snot rockets, ever, anywhere. Rule #3 – Pick up your own tissues (this rule is broken ALL THE FREAKING TIME by my highly snotty 10 yr. old.) One rule that we don’t have to enforce anymore now that my 24 year old daughter is no longer 3 and no longer living at home is: No wiping your boogers on another person.
    2. Not sure what I WOULD want, but I know I wouldn’t want to be able to read minds. Let me just go on thinking that you adore me, ‘k?
    3. Just Do It. Get it over with. Be sorry, or not. You’ll be speaking from experience when you warn others against it. BTW, this advice is not for my own children.
    4. Eat your vegetables. Sleep will happen naturally at some point. Vegetable love needs to be cultivated.
    5. Beauty and Brains. I want the whole package, and I’m not really a chocolate addict.

  4. What is your family booger rule? Also, is it actually enforceable? If so, how?
    — Use a tissue or don’t get caught. She’s not two yet so…. it’s more guidance than enforcement at this point.

    If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
    — Time travel. We live so far away from close family and friends and the ability to blink and be there would be awesome. I reserve the right to have it work a la Mary Poppins, except that I have to have someone else draw because otherwise we’ll be forever in stick lands.

    Which is better, “Just Say No” (Nancy Reagan) or “Just Do It” (Nike)? No fair saying this is an apples and oranges question. Just go with your gut. (“Just go with your gut.” Beth Woolsey)
    — Ugh. Can’t I say both? It really is a gut thing for me. Sometimes it is really, really good to say no. Other times? It won’t kill you to just do it.

    If you had to pick between kids eating their vegetables or kids sleeping through the night, which would it be?
    –veggies. Because, at this point, she’s not sleeping through the night so she might as well get her veggies in consistently.

    Beauty, brains, brawn or brownies. Pick two.
    — Brains and brownies. Because some days it is just too much work to make the brownies myself. Beauty is fleeting and/or in the eye of the beholder anyways. AND if I had brownies, I could bribe brawny brownie lovers to do my heavy bidding. Mwahaha!

  5. 1. Don’t eat them and “no you can’t pick mommy’s nose!” Other than that we just try to avoid the finger up the nose when someone is trying to take my daughter’s (2.5) picture. I swear I think someone getting out their camera or phone is like telling her to start digging!

    2. Superpower….hmmm. I would love to fly. I used to imagine that I would be able to fly when I went to heaven. But now, I think if I could blink my eyes or wiggle my nose and my house be magically clean, I would go for that. I could enjoy my kiddos so much more if I wasn’t worried about what I needed to get done just to get through the next day. But….maybe I’ll just buy a dishwasher and still go with the flying thing…

    3. I like “just go with your gut” best. It’s always seemed to work for me. I say and hear No way too much and the Just Do It attitude can get you in some bad situations.

    4. I’m going to go with sleeping but add that it must be in their own bed. I’m all for morning cuddles instead of middle of the night kicks in the head. 🙂

    5. Brains and Beauty. With my brains I can bake brownies and who cares about the brawn.

  6. I am a new follower ( I just happened upon you last week but so far I’m hooked) so I am going to weigh in on these thought-provoking and (probably) life-altering questions…

    1. We have a don’t ask/don’t tell-and-definitely-don’t-SHOW policy for boogers. Also it’s helpful if you don’t wipe them on the furniture.

    2. My super power would be to harness the other 93% of my brain. Obviously this would allow me to control lesser beings’ minds, fly, have X-ray vision, be able to eat anything I wanted and LOSE weight (because of all those extra calories I burn using my huge brain), time travel and teleport. Duh.

    3. Just Do It. I chose this one because I say this at least 50 times a week when I tell my daughter to do something she (obviously) doesn’t want to do and she asks “why”.

    4. Vegetables. The reason being is they make this magic pink elixir called Children’s Benedryl for the sleep thing…

    5. Beauty and Brownies. I figure if I’m beautiful I don’t really have to think and I could get men to do all the heavy lifting.

  7. 1) No kids yet, but I’ll say for now what was generally the rule when I was a kid: in private (or at least not when guests can see) and DON’T eat it.
    2) I can’t help it, I say flying. It’s always been my dream. The videos I’ve seen of Wingsuit Flying? THE coolest thing I can imagine.
    3) Just do it. Life’s too short.
    4) I’ll say veggies now, and sleep when I actually have kids. 😉
    5) Brawn and brownies. My other half is already the brain, so I could use more brawn. And brownies, duh. I never say no to brownies.

  8. 1. No policy as yet, though it will be In Private and Use a Tissue! At 2yrs old, I can’t tell if my son is actually going there or still just exploring all the orifices ever (in the head anyway).

    2. Transportation – the deluxe edition where I can take others along. I have so many friends and family overseas and I’m just crap at staying in contact. If I could just drop in for a cuppa, they’d know that I still love them and think about them! PLus, avoiding long plane journeys with a child – BONUS!!!!

    3. Just Do It – I use that to give myself a pep talk when I’m procrastinating.

    4.Sleepers. No question there. Haven’t heard of anyone using “someone not eating veggies in front of you” as a form of torture, and there’s a very good reason for that.

    5. Brains and Brownies. How can a I say no to brownies??!! It was a toss up between brawns and brains, because right now my body feels annoyingly fragile, but I’d still prefer brains.

  9. 1. What is your family booger rule? Also, is it actually enforceable? If so, how?

    Don’t do it in public! Not very enforceable.

    2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

    The power to clean my house with a snap of my fingers.

    3. Which is better, “Just Say No” (Nancy Reagan) or “Just Do It” (Nike)? No fair saying this is an apples and oranges question. Just go with your gut. (“Just go with your gut.” Beth Woolsey)

    Just do it! Especially when “it” is your chores/schoolwork/getting along with your siblings!

    4. If you had to pick between kids eating their vegetables or kids sleeping through the night, which would it be?

    Probably vegetables, but only because my kids are pretty good sleepers, and I don’t sleep much anyway, even when they do so nothing would change for me if they didn’t sleep. The veggies though, are the source of many fights in our house.

    5. Beauty, brains, brawn or brownies. Pick two.

    Brains and brownies. For sure.

  10. 1. Family Booger Rule – You can never have enough Kleenex. We don’t have kids yet, and my husband doesn’t seem to get boogers, but I do, and I’m a clean your nose in the bathroom kind of girl, so I feel like when we have kids, that’s the rule I’m going to try to enforce. Or this one, courtesy of my dad, “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.” 🙂

    2. Superpower – I want to be like a siren, and whatever I tell people to do, they will do. The world would run so much more smoothly if people just did what I told them to do, particularly on the freeway.

    3. Just Say No vs Just Do It – I have to go with Nike on this. We only get one life and it is too short to not stuff it full of awesome stuff. Just Do It is also good for when you have chores and other crappy stuff you have to do. Get it over with and move on, I say!

    4. Veggies or Sleep – Again, I’m currently childless, but I feel like veggies is going to be my champion in this battle. My husband and I are both a bit on the chubby side, so our kids are going to need healthy eating habits right from the get-go. If they don’t want to sleep, I’ll just use that as an opportunity for everyone to get some exercise. We may be sleep deprived, but at least we’ll have good looking bodies! 🙂

    5. 4Bs, Pick Two: Hmmm, that is a tough one. I think I have to go with beauty and brains on this one. I’ve found that both have served me pretty well thus far, and hopefully will continue to do so, although I think at some point, when my beauty is gone, I’ll be switching to brownies. They solve a multitude of problems.

  11. What is your family booger rule? Also, is it actually enforceable? If so, how?
    My family booger rule is a little different. It’s not for the kids. There is no rule for the kids, just a lot of freaking out and “GET A KLEENEX!” from me. No, the rule is for my husband, and applies in the vehicles. I am referred to as the “booger police”, and the issue at hand is a subtle, yet clear, picking of a booger-flake while driving. The offense is not so much the picking, but the “subtle” (only in his eyes) flicking of it onto the floor. Um, no. That is what I refer to as a “booger infraction”, and I am on it immediately with the booger siren, which is me calling him out. It is enforced with my swift and immediate reaction, followed by a threatening look. He grins, but complies with the rule.

    If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
    This question is too hard. I’d like to be able to freeze time, so I can rest whenever I need to, or even just have some silence. But the healing power might be even better, because I have an extreme fear of throwing up and kids throwing up. Or limitless energy, so I could handle all four kids and all the cleaning and still work out and cook… Or…the ability to make a decision…

    Which is better, “Just Say No” (Nancy Reagan) or “Just Do It” (Nike)?
    If I’m talking to my kids, I pick “Just do it”, and I would also add, “without whining!!!”

    If you had to pick between kids eating their vegetables or kids sleeping through the night, which would it be?
    Sleeping through the night. My kids do, usually, but if I could only have one or the other, I’d still pick the sleeping part.

    Beauty, brains, brawn or brownies. Pick two.
    Beauty and brains. My husband can be the brawn for me, and I have three sons. My 7 year old already opens jars for me. And brownies are the bomb, but there are plenty of other treats in the sea, so if I had to give them up, I’d survive.

  12. 1. Go wash your hands! Yes with soap! Enforceable when I see it. Otherwise I choose not to think about it.
    2. I have superpowers! I am faster than a speeding toddler! I can read my son’s mind! (“How did you know I dropped my carrot on the floor?” -6yo) I can sweep faster than a crawling baby!
    I thought about wanting to fly but I’m terrified my kids would inherit it. Babyproofing? Yikes. So maybe telekinesis–i’d love to be able to put things away while sitting on the couch.
    3. Just Say No. No more screen time today, no more whining, no more sugary snacks. Actually i’d change it to Please Don’t Ask Me Again.
    4. Sleeping. Although my kids are pretty good about this, except for the newborn.
    5. Beauty and brains. How could I give those up?? Oh wait, I had kids… But at least I can still make brownies, eh?

  13. 1). If I see you do it I will make fun of you and tell you not to do it (Jesse I am talking to you). I mostly have not seen my daughters do it, so I don’t mention that it exists. Jesse doesn’t believe that I do it because he never catches me.

    2). Super power: oof. The ability to make people fall asleep on command. Perhaps I am feeling this way because we got bunk beds for my children this week whooeee.

    3). Just do it. I am not that good at saying no, and also many times you must just put your head down and do it.

    4.) sleep. See super power and also, veggies are delicious and they will come around no see that. Well miss Elsie already knows, Janie, she will.

    5). Brains and I suppose beauty.

  14. My family consists of me and Megan who is my 15 y.o. daughter. We don’t have – or need – a booger rule… LOL

    Right now, I think I would like the powers of the sandman. I could use them to make sure I always get enough sleep. And I would be willing to share!

    My first instinct was just say no. I’m such a NON-risk-taker! But I have to tell you how proud I am of me… Last weekend, Megan asked me, “can I dye my hair blue?” Now you KNOW my first response was “no”. But then she said, “why not?” And I thought about it… And really, why not? She’s 15. She’s a really good kid. She keeps her grades up. She does what I ask her to do – and without complaining most of the time. If you think you might want blue hair, what better time to test it out than 15? So I let her do it. OMG! It’s gorgeous! She and a friend did it – her hair is about 6 inches longer than her bra strap and a deep dark brown – kinda like yours, Beth. They weren’t consistent with the application of the bleach, and the result is hair the color of sea water. There are brilliant blues, greens and browns in varying shades. It’s so pretty. Everyone tells her she looks like a mermaid… Has anyone noticed I have a tendency to get of track and also to ramble?

    Easy – eating their vegetables – we’re past the not sleeping stage! LOL

    Brains and brownies. Can I pick brownies that have no effect on your weight? If not, then I change brownies to brawn.

  15. We don’t have a booger rule, per se, but the all purpose motto “better out than in” seems applicable. I do object to being used as a tissue though.

    Teleportation sounds pretty awesome, but I also like the idea of being able to change and conjure up new clothes at whim, like the fairy Tiki in Lynne Reid Banks’ “The Fairy Rebel”. I love fashion, and dressing well makes me feel like I have it kind of together. Self-delusion is totally a super-power of its own, right? But seriously, how much time and money would this save?

    As an actor who does a fair amount of improv and “environmental theater”, Just Do It fits better with my “yes, and…” theater training.

    Sleep! Are you kidding? I’ve been sneaking pureed spinach, carrots, and zucchini into random stuff for years, but you can’t sneak sleep with a four-year-old who is the definition of extrovert and a two-year-old who has recently discovered the ability to move chairs gives him access to everything in the world.

    Brains and beauty. Both are pretty integral to my sense of self, good or not. Now if carrot cake were on the table…

  16. 1) booger rule: don’t pick you’ll make it bleed but realistically if I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.

    2) super power: extreme speed because then I could catch stuff like dropped slices of jammy toast and spilt glasses milk before they could make a mess. Imight even get the cleaning finished too!

    3) Just Do It. I don’t like saying no.

    4) sleep or veggies: probably has to be sleep but nowme feel really selfish.

    5) brains and brownies. But they have to be good brownies otherwise I’m trading them for beauty.

  17. I thought I was the only one who dreamed of instant teleportation. Just imagine, no more car rides, ever! My kids are terrible car riders. They get car sick, they hate to be touched, or looked at, or talked to by the sibling they currently hate. It’s horrible.

  18. 1. It’s just my husband and me. We have no booger rule… yet.

    2. First a note that the Superpower you’re looking for is called Apparation (or Apparition… not sure), and is marvelously explained in Harry Potter. It even includes the ability to do so with friends if you link arms! For me, well, I have always wanted to be able to fly. But I think I would settle for something more practical, like not being tired, ever. (But still getting to sleep whenever I wanted to, because hey, I don’t have kids yet.)

    3. Just do it! My husband teases me for being more enthusiastic about my hobbies than my job. I am very much the kind of person who gets wrapped up in too many projects, and never ever got invited to the parties in high school where the cool kids did drugs.

    4. Sleeping. Absolutely. I didn’t eat many vegetables myself until college, and I turned out just fine. Probably due to all the sleeping.

    5. Beauty and brains. As long as I get to have ice cream in lieu of brownies…

  19. 1. Our booger rule: When in doubt, get a wipe. The only way to really enforce this rule is to yell, plead, and chase our children around with wipes and pray they get the hint. So far, we’ve failed with at least one, since I’ve found a little collection on their newly painted bedroom wall. There are worse things to fail to teach them, right? :/

    2. If I could have a super power, I would totally want to be omniscient. Why, you ask? Well, because, “I KNOW which one of you decided to make the bathroom into your own personal marshland.”

    3. “Just do it” is probably better in my house, considering all the other creatures I reside with are experts at “Just say no”. Nothing would ever get done if I, too, adopted that stance.

    4. I would pick my kids sleeping through the night over eating veggies any day. I can puree veggies and throw them in an array of foods and they still haven’t figured it out. I can’t reclaim the hours of sleep I miss when they want to play all night.

    5. After not much deliberation, I choose beauty and brownies. That way I can eat as many brownies as I want and I’ll still look fine. I think I lost my brains when I had kids, anyway, lol.

  20. Number four isn’t even a real question. How is that a real question?

    Also – we’re supposed to have booger rules? No one told me that and why isn’t it in the books and if my kids are almost teenagers is it too late for us as a family?

    Changing our names now and moving to a far far away place.

  21. 1. I live alone, I monitor my own boogers. I have hankies.

    2. I would love the superpower of Perfect Health. The cumulative damage of being 53 sucks. Getting old is not for sissies.

    3. Just do it. Start, finish, clean up. Done!

    4. I didn’t have kids but I would have to go with sleeping through the night. Menopause messes up sleep habits. That sucks.

    5. Brains and brawn. There is still chocolate cake.

  22. 1. What is your family booger rule? Also, is it actually enforceable? If so, how? 

    We don’t particularly have a rule, although egregious nose-picking in public gets reprimanded. Non-existent rules are a snap to enforce! ;-D

    2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

    I’d be a Jedi! The ability to calm oneself and have total control over oneself in any situation, and to change the minds of others, would be SO useful. I would use both of those aspects: Every. Single. Day. Moving stuff around via sheer thought would rock, too. Also, the kick-@ss martial arts would certainly keep me in shape!

    3. Which is better, “Just Say No” (Nancy Reagan) or “Just Do It” (Nike)?

    “Just Do It.” So many people are held back by fear of the unknown.

    Incidentally, my motto in my youth was “Happy Go Lucky, Happy Get Lucky.”

    4. If you had to pick between kids eating their vegetables or kids sleeping through the night, which would it be?

    Sleep wins hands down! I’ve managed to work around picky eaters (and get them to mend their ways), but even a short-term lack of sleep creates a grumpy Mama Bear, and that’s just bad all over!

    5. Beauty, brains, brawn or brownies. Pick two.

    Brawn & Brownies. Brownies help significantly with the grumpy Mama Bear (see #4 above). I remember having brains, back when I had more sleep and more balanced hormones (I’ve just entered the 8th month now with #6–woot!), but strength has so many uses, especially with a nearly-30-pound toddler to lift. Brains come in as a close 3rd, though.

  23. I don’t want to be Debbie Downer here (poor Debbie), but for all you moms who said “just do it,” Do you not have teenagers? Or, for that matter, toddlers who bite? It all depends on the question, doesn’t it?

    1. Yes, but you can always counter with tone of voice! Growing up, there were times when one of us was contemplating something evil and my mom’s steely-voiced, “Go ahead, just try it…” clearly meant DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!

  24. 1.) We don’t have a booger rule. I guess we are not there yet. Just pick it and be done. And if you don’t pick it, I will, because I hate seeing those crusties hanging there

    2.) Time Travel would be my super power, if there is even such a thing as a time travel super power. I would speed through my work day and my piranha hour at night, and slow down everything else.

    3.) Definitely “just do it”. I want my kids to be crazy brave and willing to dig in and do stuff. I have made some of my most amazing discoveries about my own strength thanks to the Nike slogan.

    4.) I can’t believe this is even a question. SLEEP! Sweet Lord Jesus in Heaven, sleep. Vegetables? That’s what multivitamins are for in those cute little gummies. And they double as candy when I am out of the real stuff.

    5.) Beauty and Brains. Those are the things I don’t already have (thanks Betty Crocker in a box!) or couldn’t do with a little bit of time, some free weights and a Cindy Crawford Video.

  25. 1. Booger rule: Don’t have one…we lucked into the kid who doesn’t like dirt (or anything sticky) on her hands. So no booger issues – the next one’s gonna probably be a champion diamond-digger just to make up for it.
    2. Superpower: That one’s easy, I want to eat whatever I want and still be skinny (we all know one of those women – well I want in on that). Why? Uhm, ’cause peanut M&Ms cause drastic ass spread (we have a faux suede couch, and I sat on it with jeans, stood up, and then happened to see my ass print with jeans pockets and all…and it was horrifying).
    3. Just do it. Life’s too short for not doing it.
    4. Sleeping through. That’s what fruit is for. I don’t distinguish – if it’s a plant, it’s good for you.
    5. Brains and brownies (’cause my superpower allow it!)

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