On Living Life in Spite of Fear When Fear Still Holds My Hand

My friend, Abigail Rine, wrote a piece today on her blog, Mama Unabridged. It’s titled The Mother Wound, and it’s beautiful and gut-wrenching. Like parenting. In it, she reflects on her reaction following the explosions at the Boston marathon. What it’s like to be a mama when you realize your super protection powers have limitations. What that means about God. What it means about love. I nodded in agreement through the entire post — oh, how I’ve been there, mama — but it was her question at the end that cut me to the core. ...  read more

Greg’s Not Home Tonight: A Very Bad Haiku

This isn’t a real post. Just an ode to Greg not being home. In very, very bad haiku.

Greg’s Not Home Tonight

Greg’s not home tonight.
He’s at a meeting for work.
I’m home with five kids.

Three kids are fighting.
I think someone licked the dog.
Two boys are naked.

I’m hiding from them.
In the bathroom. ShhhQuiet.
Don’t give me away. ...  read more

I Am a Seed

I lost it last week.

I was overwhelmed. I was tired. Only the bra I HATE was clean. You know. The usual litany. And I just completely lost it.

Lost. It.

Not at my kids.

At my husband.

In front of my kids, though, so that was cool.

Whatever the yelling version is of the Ugly Cry, that’s what I did. It was like being 13 again with a tiny kernel of Rational buried inside but powerless to stop the Insanity Train from crashing through the kitchen. Rational kept watch with wide eyes, though, shaking her head and muttering, “The?” ...  read more

5 Questions for Amber Dusick (about her BOOK!) and an Exclusive Crappy Illustration for YOU


Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures
Congratulations, Amber!


Once upon a time, Amber Dusick and I were in a blog contest together. I messaged her approximately two minutes after reading her blog and told her she had my vote. Then I wrote all of my closest friends and said, “Look, guys, I know this means I suck at competition and I’m doing it all wrong, but Amber Dusick is both funny and rad, and please vote for Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.” True story. ...  read more

I’m a Pee Fight Pacifist

Look, I don’t usually take on extreme positions here. I’m just not that kind of girl. I tend to be all mushy and “well, there are two sides to every story” and “I’m sure she had the best intentions” and “there’s room for EVERYONE.” On the other hand, I believed Mr. Clinton when he said he did not have sex with that woman so I admit to a certain ongoing struggle with being a Pollyanna. ...  read more