Turns Out I’m a Werewolf with a Giant Drug Problem

I’m going away for the weekend. My daughter gave me this note:

photo 3 (39)

I Love You — Super Doper Loper Cuper Mom.

I have to say, 

I love it when my kids think I’m a Super Doper. 

That’s so much better than being an ordinary doper, don’t you think?

Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.



P.S. I assume Loper has something to do with my casual yet consistent stride. Unless she meant Luper as in lupus, or Latin for wolf, in which case she’s calling me a werewolf with a giant drug problem. A Super Doper Luper.

Actually? Her 3rd grade self-portrait all of a sudden makes a ton more sense.


You know. In an “I learned it from watching you” kind of way.

P.P.S. What’s a Cuper?

P.P.P.S. Don’t miss the History Lesson of the Day on the 5 Kids Facebook page. It has nothing to do with drugs or werewolves, so it’ll be a nice break from this.

P.P.P.P.S. Seriously on the Cuper thing. Anyone?



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30 responses to “Turns Out I’m a Werewolf with a Giant Drug Problem”

  1. Now that I’ve been working in a school for a while, I would suggest WAY underthinking it. She’s just trying to rhyme with super. That is all. Consider it good phonemic awareness and praise her with ice cream. Or a book of rhyming poetry. 😉

  2. If you look up the word cuper on urban dictionary it says this:

    A combination of cute and super. Reserved for those few individuals who happen to possess both of these real qualities at once.

    so you’re a super drug addict werewolf that is super cute……. kids can be so sweet lol. ^_^

  3. Cuper… Maybe in reference to Cupid? Alluding to your loving-ness? Or I suppose after the former Argentinian fútbol player. Héctor Cúpor, so… Speed, agility? Or Cupor’s Garden in London for beauty!

  4. LOL I love it! I bet she was just rhyming away- sounds like something Ivy does except she frequently chooses the WRONG words to rhyme if you know what I mean! Especially in public. Of course in public.


    • Of COURSE in public. Yes.

      Y’all, if you’re not reading Stephanie’s blog already, it’s in my Top 5 Faves. She’s poetic and poignant in ways I can only dream to be. Love, love, love her in-the-moment observations. Highly recommend.

  5. As a former high school English teacher, who taught Julius Caesar (which is why I know how to spell it correctly now!), I’m theorizing that maybe “luper” is actually an obscure reference to the festival of Lupercalia (which celebrated the founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus, who were, of course, suckled by wolves) and “cuper” is a reference to Roman god, Cupid. I’m not sure what that MEANS, exactly, except that maybe your kid has an English teacher who is awesome but prone to rabbit trails involving Roman mythology…

  6. Maybe it’s related to cupric, for copper. Why I don’t know. Although a copper colored werewolf would be pretty snazzy, with or without drug issues.

  7. Or, “cuper” could mean “coper” ,which officially means a horse-dealer, but which I define as “one who copes”. If anyone has learned how to cope with the wonderful world of motherhood, it is you! So, yes, the entire note fits. 🙂

  8. Do you love coffee or tea? Maybe she meant that you were having a “cuppa” or that you spent a lot of time cupping your cup.
    Or they are practicing rhyming in school, in which case it all meant nothing…

  9. Perhaps she means someone who does the work of cupid? In which case, it is totally true because I know you’re responsible for at least ONE marriage. 🙂

  10. I think she’s been watching Winnie the Pooh – the Tigger Movie. They sing a song, “The super dooper loopty looper allie ooper bounce.”
    So you’re like Tigger. 🙂
    And I think “cuper” means you’re cuter. ‘Cause you are.

  11. Maybe her b and p got mixed up, and it was cuber – which implies that you either do things thee times as amazing as anyone else, or it speaks of your provision, and making things stretch to three times it’s original amount.
    Whichever it is, it is obviously super.
    So you are an amazing werewolf druggie who runs around providing for her children. Sounds great to me

  12. Cuper – Either a reference to the Georgian football club’s coach (who is also reputed to be a werewolf) or a misspelling of “cooper”. A cooper builds wooden casks. That’s fun!

  13. Culpa? culpa
    (law) negligence or fault, as distinguishable from dolus (deceit, fraud), which implies intent, culpa being imputable to defect of intellect, dolus to defect of heart

    maybe this is what she meant?

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