How to Mop

This is part of our ongoing series on housekeeping.

P.S. We don’t really have an ongoing series on housekeeping.

P.P.S. Because housekeeping’s not my area of expertise.

P.P.P.S. Also, this isn’t a real post.

P.P.P.P.S. I don’t think the postscripts are supposed to go at the beginning. You might want to take this as an indicator that we don’t always do things the right way.

Nevertheless, we mopped this morning.

Mopped! Us!

Here’s how we did it, step by step.

photo (61)

How to Mop:

Spill Stuff
Add Water
Add Kids
Add Towels

Ta da!

I just solved a problem you probably don’t even have! I give and I give. You’re welcome.


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What’s your favorite housekeeping tip? 


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12 responses to “How to Mop”

  1. Love this! I remember my mom letting us “clean” the floor by dumping an absurd amount of water and skidding around on our knees with old rags. It worked better with the cruddy old linoleum, once they put down nice tile flooring there was a significantly increased chance of skinned knees (that grout!).

  2. How to unload the dishwasher:
    1) Open door
    2) shake the racks
    3) Remove the one bowl/spoon/plate you need to eat off of
    4) Repeat as necessary until the dishwasher is empty

  3. Well, if just water actually makes a difference on your kitchen floor, then it must be cleaner than ours! But, I, too mopped yesterday. After stepping in spilled hot chocolate (yes, it’s June!), I grabbed a spray bottle of some cleaner, sprayed in on the floor and THEN slid the towel around on the floor over it. SOME of the mess came up…the rest will still be there when the next spill comes around.

  4. everyone gets a towel? fantastic! we have just had one person (the spiller) towel the floor, back when we “mopped” it was a towel wrapped around the mop with torn off sponge…

  5. Mop? What is this of what you speak? You’re supposed to mop? Hmmm. Methinks I need to go research this puzzle.

  6. Brilliant idea with the towels, although I actually do have a new mop. You see, my old one disintegrated from years of sitting unused. The boys both wanted to take the shiny new mop for a test run. After a long, circular argument about who should go first, they finally came up with a fair compromise: Neither one of them could use it. (Because whoever went first would always have had more turns???) Seems reasonable. So maybe I could get them to use the towels instead.

    Now we just have to find the floor…

  7. Wow, Beth! You’ve got me beat by several steps there. My poor floor usually only gets a spot clean. Here’s how we do it:

    Step one: call dog

    That’s pretty much it.

    So I guess I just admitted that dog spit makes my floor cleaner. To all the mommies feeling better about the state of their floor, you’re welcome. Oh, and if you come over to my house someday, socks are a good idea. Shoes are even better.

  8. How to mop in our house? Get out the mop (this takes a while because it’s in the coat closet under all the games), run it under the tap and hand it to the 5 yr old who excitedly yells “Mop? I get to mop?! Cool!” He still thinks it’s fun to help clean.

    I assume this stage doesn’t last forever so I should probably hand him the mop more often.

  9. We skate too – but we do it with inside out old socks on our feet. It’s more dangerous that way. 🙂
    Although when we got the foster kids I couldn’t keep up and we hired someone. That way if we get questioned about whether we change her sheets every week, we have someone to vouch for us, because she did it. (Yes, we are required to change her sheets every week. She and the foster baby are the only ones who get it done that often though.) Sheets and floors every week plus whatever is the most pressing. It’s a beautiful thing.

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