Children: Truth-Tellers, Pride-Smashers

ID-10054685“Hey, Mom! Did you know that a silverback mountain gorilla weighs 450 pounds? That’s a lot, right, Mom?”

“Yep. That’s pretty cool. Silverback gorillas must be pretty big.”

“How big is that, Mom? Like, as big as dad?”

Bigger than dad. More than twice as big as dad.”

“Whoa! So, it’s like, probably as big as you, right, Mom?”

“Wait. You think I’m bigger than dad?”

“Um, duh.”

“And as big as a 450-pound gorilla?”

“Well, yeah. Except I didn’t really mean big, Mom. That was just a nice way of saying fat.”

I previously supported the grandparents’ decision to annually renew my children’s subscription to Ranger Rick magazine.

I’ve changed my mind.


P.S. Once upon a time, this happened. So, you know. I’m sort of a pro at having my pride smashed.

P.P.S If you have a Truth-Teller / Pride-Smasher story, do tell.


Gorilla Feeding Baby image credit Tina Philips via

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30 responses to “Children: Truth-Tellers, Pride-Smashers”

  1. My 5 year-old witnessed my husband and I having an argument, and, as soon as we got to the silent glare stage of things, he chimed in with, “Mommy, you should just forgive Daddy.” While I loved his attempt at peacemaking, what I loved even more was that he automatically assumed that DADDY was the one who needed forgiveness.

  2. Oh man! My three year old daughter likes to point out my ‘boobies’, when im nursing her little sister.

    One day she says, “Mama, is that your big boobie?!”

    “well it’s my boobie, but not really a big one.”

    “oh, okay”….*yelling through the house* “grandma, mom’s got little boobies! Not big ones!”

  3. I have 2 kids of my own, but this one is from a 7 year old girl I babysit. She said her mom was kinda fat and on a diet, and had been losing weight. Then she said “I hope she doesn’t lose anymore weight though, cause I really think she is beautiful just like she already is.” Her mom is a little overweight, and I just found it really reassuring that our kids in all honesty, really do believe that we as their mothers are beautiful just the way we are. They haven’t been brainwashed by society yet as to skinny being equal to beautiful. To them, we are the first true examples of what is genuinely attractive.

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